FUP of ISPs in Nepal: Your unlimited internet plan isn’t really unlimited

FUP of ISPs in Nepal: Your unlimited internet plan isn’t really unlimited

FUP of ISPs in Nepal

What is FUP?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is a policy used by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) which defines the bandwidth cap for unlimited Internet plans provided by the respective Internet service providers. In simple words, FUP means that even though users may subscribe to an unlimited broadband plan and if usage crosses a certain limit then to maintain quality of service for all customers in the network, the user’s Internet speed will be reduced for the remaining month.

Due to this policy, if a customer crosses the limit of fair usage, it is considered as a violation of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and in such cases, the ISP is expected to contact the customer in regards to a reduction in usage or offer other choices such as upgrading to a higher bandwidth plan.

Fair Usage Policy is designed to ensure that network resources are available to each and every customer without significant loss in internet speed. Once you exhaust the limit, you still can access the internet, but at a reduced speed.

Thus, the unlimited plan isn’t really unlimited.

Below are the FUP of ISPs in Nepal and their fall back after violation of policy.

FUP of ISP worldlink

Worldlink has a smart Fair Usage Policy system that monitors and flags a subscriber’s internet usage behavior on a daily basis. There are 3 types of flags:

S. No.Flag TypeWhen it appliesWhat happens thereafterHow to revoke
1YELLOWAfter a customer crosses the daily limitUser is notified and there is no change in speedN/A
2REDAfter a customer crosses
three YELLOW flags
User is notified and Internet speed temporarily is throttled to run at the fallback speedLog into Worldlink’s online services
Use the bandwidth selector on the Worldlink app
3BLACKAfter a customer crosses
three RED flags
User is notified and Internet speed temporarily is throttled (even permanently) with no way to reset bandwidth Contact Worldlink support

Daily data limits

These are the limits of bandwidth usage within 24 hours and their consequent fallback speed. Fallback speed means the speed of your internet after you have violated FUP based on your subscription package throughout the rest of the day.

S. No.Data PackageDaily bandwidth limit (24 hrs)Fallback speed

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ViaNet Fair Usage Policy

FUP of ISP Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Vianet’s Fair Usage Policy is only applicable to their Home packages. Vianet tracks for excessive usage by monitoring client’s data usage in a monthly cycle. Data usage is calculated by adding both upload and download data used from the start of every English month.

There are three levels of speed throttling done depending on the client’s usage within a month( English month).

  • At crossing the Level 1 Fair Usage Quota threshold the client’s speed will be throttled to 60%
  • Speed will be throttled to 30% at Level 2
  • Speed will be throttled to 10% at level 3.

If a customer has crossed the FUP Quota, their data usage counter will reset at the first of every month (English month) and their Internet will return back to its original speed.


SUBISU Fair Usage Policy

Subisu FUP of ISP

For customers using Subisu, on reaching the fair usage limit, the plan speed would be rationalized by up to 80% – 90% for the rest of the monthly billing cycle. Also, The client can confirm from the client portal that if the FUP is applied in their package or not at any point in time. If the customer continues to violet Subisu FUP for the particular decreased bandwidth as well, Subisu may either notify to stop the unacceptable usage or may terminate the service with or without notice. if the customer wants more data at any month, he/ she can top-up the data at a very reasonable price.

Note that the speed would be upgraded to the usual normal speed at the start of the next month.

For Internet Package

Internet BandwidthData VolumeFall back
20 Mbps400GB5 Mbps
35 Mbps500GB5 Mbps
45 Mbps600GB5 Mbps

For Internet & Clear TV Package

Internet BandwidthData VolumeFall back
30 Mbps500GB5 Mbps
40 Mbps600GB5 Mbps
60 Mbps700GB5 Mbps

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