DishHome Dashain offer: DishHome ma Dealer Dai ko Discount

DishHome Dashain offer: DishHome ma Dealer Dai ko Discount

DishHome has introduced the DishHome Dashain Offer on the occasion of the upcoming Dashain festival of Nepal. Dashain is one of the highly celebrated festivals of Nepal, and as a DishHome Dashain Offer, DishHome has introduced the “DishHome ma Dealer Dai ko Discount” scheme.

According to this offer, if you perform the annual recharge from DishHome dealers using fund transfer, then you will receive Add ON Package as well as the opportunity to take part in the Weekly Lucky Draw. In the Weekly Lucky Draw, two lucky customers per week will win a prize of Rs. 1 lakh per person.

DishHome Dashain Offer weekly prize

The details of the Add ON Package under the “DishHome ma Dealer Dai ko Discount” are as follows:

DishHome Dashain Offer

Below are the prices inclusive of the discounts that customer get by recharging through Fund Transfer:

Package1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months24 Months
Basic Plus425/-1,200/-2,300/-3,997/-7,550/-
Medium Plus475/-1,350/-2,600/-4,499/-8,400/-
Super HD500/-1,425/-2,700/-4,599/- 8,600/-
Super HD Plus575/-1,650/-3,100/-5,300/-9,900/-
Deluxe 2 TV700/-1,950/-3,800/-6,499/-12,250/-
Deluxe 3 TV900/-2,500/-4,800/-8,500/-16,200/-
Deluxe Plus575/-1,600/-2,999/-5,299/-10,050/-
Deluxe Plus 2 TV775/-2,150/-3,998/-7,100/-13,575/-
Deluxe Plus 3 TV975/-2,699/-4,997/-8,999/-17,050/-
Premium HD600/-1,700/-3,200/-5,400/-10,350/-
Premium 2 TV HD800/-2,199/-3,999/-7,200/-14,000/-
Premium 3 TV HD1,000/-2,750/-4,999/-9,200/-17,700/-
Premium 4 TV HD1,200/-3,198/-6,200/-11,000/-21,300/-
Lifestyle HD700/-1,850/-3,599/-6,300/-11,750/-
Lifestyle 2 TV HD900/-2,399/-4,600/-8,100/-15,550/-
Lifestyle 3 TV HD1,100/-2,998/-5,798/-10,100/-19,275/-
Lifestyle 4 TV HD1,300/-3,500/-6,500/-11,800/-23,100/-

Note: Since the Premium HD and Lifestyle HD already have huge discounts, the Add ON Package offer is not available for these packages.

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How excited are you for this DishHome Dashain Offer? If you are a DishHome user, then don’t miss out on this offer.

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