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Internet Price in Nepal Compared! Which ISP offers the cheapest internet?



internet price in Nepal compared

Internet Price in Nepal Compared

Which internet service provider are you using? Have you compared their Internet Price in Nepal?

Once have a look. We have listed the price of the internet for 3 months packages for four major internet service providers in Nepal.

Price comparison is made for Vianet, Subisu, ClassicTech, and Worldlink internet price in Nepal.

For 30Mbps Internet Price:

SNInternet Service ProviderBandwidthPrice for 3 months
1Worldlink30 MbpsRs 4,500
2Vianet30 MbpsRs 4,350
3Subisu30 MbpsRs 4400
4Classic Tech30 MbpsRs 4,500

Internet Price For 40Mbps:

SNInternet Service ProviderBandwidthPrice for 3 months
1Worldlink40 MbpsRs 5,450
2Vianet40 MbpsRs 5,100
3Subisu40 MbpsRs 5,350
4Classic Tech40 MbpsRs 5,400

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For 60Mbps Internet Price:

SNInternet Service ProviderBandwidthPrice for 3 months
1Worldlink60 MbpsRs 6,450
2Vianet60 MbpsRs 6,450
3Subisu60 MbpsRs 6,350
4Classic Tech60 MbpsRs 6,450

Additionally, we also need to pay for activation charges and the one-time setup charge but the installation charge is free of cost. All the rates given above are exclusive of VAT.

Above rate are extracted from respective website of above mentioned ISPs.

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