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How To Use New Image Filters In Google Photo Search?

How To Use New Image Filters In Google Photo Search?


The Google Photo Search is one of the biggest and nice tool of Google. Google has an excellent image search algorithm where the user are supposed to type any keywords then it’s result will come up with the related photos and videos. For example if any user types like Dog, Cat it will start to show the images and videos in which dog and cat really exist.

Google is now on the rapid development phase of search tool from which they want to meet their goal and ambitions to make the users more easiest to find their photos from their gallery. This is what google has implemented on the Google Photo Search.

Google Photo Search tools helps to find out our personal photos in our gallery. This tools is encouraging us to narrow down the search and lead us towards the relevant result for what we are searching on.

How to use filters in Google Photos?

Suppose you have select a person under the People & Pets option below the Search box, Google Photos shows all the photos of that person.
Now, you can get a option of a “Filter” from where you can select the the type of image. For example you can select the a person’s photos then you can get all the photos in which the person exist.

There are other various categories of Google Photos Search like Favorites, videos, collages, animations, movies, creations, screenshots, archived, and motion photos and so on.

Next to the filter option you can add other objects or another person of the photos then the Google Photo Search tool start to search the photo in which both selected things are present. The main advantage of this too ar the plus point of this tool is that you can non-stop keep applying on the filters unless you can find a great result.
Suppose that you are searching for 5 years old video in which you and your friend were performed Select your name under the filter row Now you can get the result where you and your friends were performed.

Google Photos search tool filters

If you type, “Photos of me, Your name and your friends name ” you will still be able to find the group photos that you are exactly looking for. In Google Photo Search tool, in case google fails to understand the text you entered then the Google Photos image filters are useful.

Since Google photos is losing unlimited storage capacity starting in June 2021, many people are planned to shift to another platform in order to get unlimited storage service. Google has again proved that if there is no pain there is no gain by rolling the feature of Google Photo Search.

This feature is more useful to those who can’t do perfect typing to get the exact result. This feature is more brilliant than we are thinking . The only key of monopoly of the Google is addressing the costumer wants and needs which has been proved again.


We hope these guidelines helps you to know How To Use New Image Filters In Google Photo Search?. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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