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Google Photos gets a redesign, new logo, and new maps feature



google photos new design
  • Google has finally added new features on Google Photos with the long-awaited map view being the biggest.
  • Now it has a new design with much simpler and highlighting the search feature on the forefront.
  • Another biggest talk in the town is about the new logo for the Google photos application.

These all-new features look very exciting and personally I am very much excited and looking forward to this. Not only the design and look but itis making these changes to make more user friendly and easy to use with the content being front-and-center.

Google Photos redesign: A new look and new features

Now your normal google photos will be bigger on the page with far less empty space. The search function on the front also looks very prominent and eye-catching than before.

Memories bar is also better than previous and there also a map view there. This seems now Google photos is putting more emphasis on showing your old photos and videos. According to Google, this feature is loved by many of its users. So, now there will be more memories and different kinds including media and videos.

Google Photos New Map view

google photos new design

The new map feature in the google photos will now allow you to see the photos by the places you have been to and the will add more content to your memories.

Yipee, a new logo too

Google photos new logo
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Google has also slightly refreshed the google photos logo. Now there is shadowed areas instead of squared edges. Colors are the same in the logo with this slight new design. The “simplified” look, though, already has many fans, personally, I don’t like it very much either.

So far, iOS is the only place this redesigned Google Photos logo is showing. The web and Android apps remain untouched, at least for now.

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