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How to make “Besar Photo”?| Use PhotoLab Picture Editor

How to make “Besar Photo”?| Use PhotoLab Picture Editor

“Step by Step Guide to Edit Your Photo using PhotoLab Picture Editor”

Recently, you must have seen these kinds of photos with yellow backgrounds and some stylish effects. These kinds of photos have been in trend these days on all social media platforms. Many of them are using these photos as their profile photos and stories.

You also want to be part of the trend right? It’s very simple all you have to use is a Photo Editor Application i.e Photo Lab Picture Editor. It is available in the Google Play Store. The app looks like this as in the picture below.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

I will walk you through some easy steps to make your photo. Okay, let’s get started;

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How to Use PhotoLab App | Make Trending Photo Editing with Photo Lab Pro?

First, go to the Play store of your mobile application and search for the PhotoLab App. Install it on your mobile.

Now you will see the landing page with lots of filters and effects like this.

photo lab feed page

There are tags and three options in the image;

Top, Trending and Recent.

If you want to use the trending filters and effects, click on the trending.


Now if you want to edit your picture, click on the “I want to cartoon” button seen in the picture above.

Your photo is ready. But do you want more animations and filters like below?


As you walk through the steps your image will be like this.

There are multiple options like Animate, Art & effects, Add your text. You can use it if you want some more animations or filters.

I tried this one with the animation and text and it looks like this.


Photo Lab App Link –

If you are a Desktop or Web person that doesn’t want all the hassles of downloading a new application then very good news for you.

Photo lab Editor is also available in web version as

Here is the weblink for that photolabeditor.

All the steps are process is quite similar as in the mobile.

Don’t forget to share your images and experience using this application.

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