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7 Best Photo Editing Tools

7 Best Photo Editing Tools

“Turn your photos picture-perfect with these best photo editing tools”

Photo editing and filtering have become common these days. Most of us use these tools to make our photos of quality, with great resolution and picture-perfect. Everybody wants there photos to look amazing and get more praise from everybody.

Photo editing tools and software’s are like common application in many people’s smartphones. Although social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat already provide lots of filters they arent that worth for every picture. These default filters and small changes in resolution, contrast doesn’t give a much more efficient photo.

That’s why people use photo editing tools. While cameras these days already provide great photos, the best photos need the best software too. Right?

With the increase in photographers, designers, and normal users, photo editing tools are also being upgraded, new tools are releasing very often. And it’s quite confusing also to select one of the easy, efficient tools to edit our photos.

If we search on the internet we can get many photo editing tools, what to use, what to not. It’s quite confusing. I was also confused about it. I tried many of them and now thought here to share some amazing and easy photo editing tools for your picture-perfect photo.

Best Photo Editing Tools

#1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s best image editing software. There are various multiple options that you can play around to make your images good. Photoshop provides you features like improving gradients, contrast, masking, and lot more to make the images look perfect.
This tool is best for imaging professionals.
Main Features:

  • Tools for mobile and web design
  • Rich set of drawing and typography tools
  • 3D design capability
  • Synched libraries and Cloud documents
  • The multitude of photo correction and manipulation tools.

#2. Canva

Canva provides you various templates for quick photo editing. If you need to upload a few photos very fast Canva will be the right choice for you.
It’s very easy to use and we can edit the photos right from the browser. We can simply upload the photo and play around it with the filters. There are enough features here to make great photos like filters, Brightness/color adjustments, crop, resize, rotate, flip, and so on. This tool is easy to use but with basic features.

#3. Affinity Photo

Affinity photo is a cross-platform budget photo editing program which is available in both Windows and macOS platform. This software tool offers you powerful tools, resolution-independent editing, and raw processing within the interface.

It has a robust set of features like Photoshop-like exposure controls, paintbrushes, layers, and more. It can even open, read, and edit Photoshop PSD files, making it seams more transition between two programs.
An updated version of the software has also added support for smart objects, third party plugins, and canon cr3 raw files.

#4. Google Photos

Google photos are the best for sharing photos and photo managing tool. It is better than any other tool for organizing all your photo libraries from your phone, laptop, or wherever you are. Its cross-platform software.
However, in terms of editing tools, Google photos offer only the barest minimum with fewer features and quickly share your images. It has facial recognition build in it so you can quickly search your photos according to names and share it with the person. It automatically tags the photos on the person, Its best use in combination with other apps such as Adobe Photoshop Elements.

#5. was initially a university project mentored by Microsoft. Later its became popular as a photo editing tool. Its free software for everyone. Although it has expensive sets of features.
It has lots of fun plugins that allows you to:

  • Make objects 3D
  • Remove dust
  • Create checkerboard

It has a familiar user interface and helpful community with unlimited features.

#6. Pixlr

Pixlr is a fun photo editing tool that comes with two versions: Express and Editor. The main version of this software comes with a simple super interface and lots of awesome features. Pixlr Express is a free online photo editor where you can play around with your photos, add effects, or change the size. Express version of Pixlr lets you:

  • Add effects
  • Adjust the hue
  • Rotate
  • Invert
  • Manipulate saturation.

The “Grabber for Firefox” extension feature is best in this editing tool. Next time you’re browsing and see an image you want, right-click, and instantly add the image to Pixlr for editing. Also, it lets you create collages and share it with your friends via email, Instagram, and Facebook. This tool was specially made for Facebook, it lets you create amazing photos for your FB profile and also got a FB profile template.

#7. GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation Program.
It is the best open-source photo editor tool which is free in all platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux.GIMP provides you a nice collection of both basic and advanced photo editing tools.
Some of the main features are the ability to create and edit layers, special- effects filters, exposure controls, and more.
GIMP is open-source so it has an active community of users which has created plugins to and even more functionality to the program. However a more user-friendly interface than past versions.

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