MI Mobile Phone Price in Nepal |2021 Full List|

MI Mobile Phone Price in Nepal |2021 Full List|

Xiaomi,is also known as MI, is a popular smartphone brand in Nepal. It is a Chinese company phone. MI, in just a few years, became so popular for its budget-friendly price. Mi mobile offers so much in its price range.

Compared to other brands, MI provides so many specifications. The surprising thing is that it has just been 10 years. However, MI has shown that if the product is good brand name doesn’t matter. Moreover, there are two authorized distributors of MI phones in Nepal: Vatsal Impex Pvt. Ltd. and Teletalk Pvt. Ltd. MI is always considered as one of the best brand of the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets so lets have a look at MI Mobile Phone Price in Nepal.

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Here is a list of MI Mobile Phone price in Nepal.

Price of MI mobile in Nepal

Xiaomi MI mobiles in NepalPrice list
Xiaomi Mi 10 Rs .89,999(8+256GB)
Xiaomi Mi 10 UltraRs. 90,999 (8/128GB)
Rs. 96,399(8/256GB)
Rs. 103,399(12/256GB)
Rs. 120,599(16/512GB)
Redmi 9Rs. 16,999 ( 3/32GB)
Rs. 17,999 ( 4/64GB)
Redmi 9ARs. 11,499 (2 + 32GB)
Redmi 9CRs. 12,999 (2+32GB)
Rs. 14,999 (3+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi GoRs. 7,499 (1+8GB)
Rs. 7,999 (1+16GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 8A DualRs. 13,499 (2+32GB)
Rs. 14,499 (3+32GB)
Rs. 15,499 (3+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 8Rs. 16,499 (4+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8Rs. 20,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 23,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProRs. 26,999 (6+64GB)
Rs. 29,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 32,999 (8+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9Rs. 20,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 22,999 (4+128GB)
Rs. 24,999 (6+128GB)
Redmi Note 9 ProRs.26,999 (4+128GB)
Rs. 29,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro-MaxRs. 31,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 34,999 (8+128GB)
Xiaomi MI A3Rs. 23,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 27,999 (6+128GB)
Mi Note 10 LiteRs. 44,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 49,999 (6+128GB)
Mi 10Rs. 89,999 (8+256GB)
Xiaomi Redmi K30 ProRs. 55,000 (6/128GB) expected
Rs. 62,000 (8/128 GB)
Rs. 67,000 (12/256GB)
Xiaomi Mi 9T ProRs. 46,999
Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime)Rs. 16,999 (3+32GB)
Rs. 17,999 (4+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power (Redmi 9T)Rs. 18,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 20,999 (4+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10SRs. 24,999 (6+64GB)
Rs. 26,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (Global)Rs. 33,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Mi 11 LiteRs. 34,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Mi 11X ProRs. 64,999 (8+128GB)
Rs. 67,999 (8+256GB)
MI mobiles in Nepal

Out of Stock Xiaomi Models: 

Xiaomi MI-2 Price in India, Specifications, Comparison (13th August 2021)
Xiaomi Mobiles List Price in Nepal (MSP) 
Xiaomi Redmi 7ARs. 11,499 (2+32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 8ARs. 13,499 (2+32GB)
Rs. 14,499 (3+32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 7Rs. 13,999 (2+32GB)
Rs. 15,999 (3+32GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Y3Rs. 16,999 (3+32GB)
Rs. 19,999 (4+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7Rs. 19,999 (3+32GB)
Rs. 24,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 25,999 (4+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ProRs. 23,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 24,999 (6+64GB)
Rs. 25,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi K20Rs. 39,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi K20 ProRs. 46,999 (8+256GB)

There is some predecessor of the new model that may be available in the market. Likewise, the phones may vary in price as the showrooms provide different discounts and offers.

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