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CAN Federation to Host Nepal Blockchain Conclave on September 17, 2023

CAN Federation to Host Nepal Blockchain Conclave on September 17, 2023

KATHMANDU, Nepal – The CAN Federation, the umbrella organization overseeing Nepal’s information and communication technology sector, is gearing up for a significant event – the Nepal Blockchain Conclave, scheduled for Sunday, September 17, 2023.

Strengthening Interaction and Collaboration

Chiranjibi Adhikari, General Secretary of the CAN Federation, revealed that an internationally renowned conclave is set to take place with the primary objective of fostering heightened interaction and collaboration among stakeholders. The event aims to enhance awareness, as well as encourage and propel the adoption of blockchain technology.

Forming a Collaborative Partnership

A pivotal development in this regard is the signing of a partnership agreement between the CAN Federation and Club B Business Technology. The agreement, sealed by Chiranjibi Adhikari and Yuvaraj Acharya, Head of Business Technology at Club B Business Technology, marks a significant step towards unifying efforts to advance blockchain technology within Nepal.

Highlighting the rationale behind the initiative, General Secretary Adhikari remarked, “Misunderstandings regarding blockchain technology still persist in Nepal. To address this, we are orchestrating this conclave to facilitate extensive engagement among stakeholders and to foster awareness, encouragement, and promotion of blockchain technology.”

Yuvaraj Acharya, representing Club B Business Technology, underscored the potential of collective discussions under a single roof, emphasizing their role in advancing blockchain technology and its applications within Nepal. He stated, “By increasing awareness about technology applications, providing a platform for expert knowledge exchange, addressing challenges and opportunities, and exploring blockchain technology’s potential across various domains.”

Ranjeet Kumar Poddar, President of the CAN Federation, shared that the event will draw participation from blockchain companies, experts, technology professionals, educational institutions, policymakers, and various governmental bodies.

The conclave’s spotlight will shine on keynote speeches, panel discussions, expert presentations, and sessions delving into diverse subjects including finance, healthcare, supply chain management, the role of academia in blockchain technology, and the varied applications of blockchain.

As the CAN Federation takes the lead in this transformative initiative, Nepal is poised to embark on a journey towards a future shaped by the innovative possibilities of blockchain technology.

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