BYD Dolphin was launched at the NADA Auto Show 2023. Cimex is the authorized distributor for BYD Vehicles in Nepal. Different variants have different BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal. The BYD Dolphin will be available only in single variant. The BYD Dolphin comes with an e-platform 3.0. Let’s glance into BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal along with its specifications and other features.

BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

Design of BYD Dolphin

BYD Dolphin is a pure electric vehicle with the aim of providing a cleaner environment as well as an efficient, comfortable and better driving experience.

  • Headlight: BYD Dolphin has a LED headlight which runs across the center grille.
  • Console: BYD Dolphin has a floating center console.
  • Screen: BYD Dolphin has a large dominant display screen.
  • Seats: BYD Dolphin has sustainable vegan leather seats which provides a comfortable journey.
BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

Safety Measures of BYD Dolphin

  • Airbags: BYD Dolphin consists of 6 airbags. It reduces the chance of striking the upper body or head during a crash. 
  • Lane Keep Assist: It helps drivers to keep their vehicle within the lane.
  • Auto Emergency Braking: This feature detects potential collisions with a vehicle ahead, provides forward collision warning, and automatically brakes to avoid the collision.
  • Electronic stability control: It  reduces property damage as it results in less vehicle impact on properties when a crash occurs.
  • Traction control: This feature detects if a loss of traction occurs in the car’s wheels. 

With all these safety measures the BYD Dolphin gives more safety and convenience ride.

BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

Technical Specifications of BYD Dolphin

Engine of BYD Dolphin

Motor TypeHub-mounted motor
MotorPermanent Magnet Synchronous Moto
Motor Power70 kW
Peak Power95 PS
Peak Torque180 Nm
Wheel DriveFront-wheel drive
  • The BYD Dolphin has 70 kW Motor Power.
  • The BYD Dolphin generates 95 PS Peak Power and 180 Nm Peak Torque.

Battery of BYD Dolphin

Battery TypeBYD LFP Blade batteries
Battery44.9 kWh

The BYD Dolphin has a 44.9 kWh Battery and  BYD LFP Blade batteries as Battery Type. 

Dimension of BYD Dolphin

Length4290 mm
Width1770 mm
Height1570 mm
Wheelbase2700 mm
Ground Clearance175 mm
  • BYD Dolphin has 4290 mm Length, 1770 mm Width and 1570 mm Height.
  • BYD Dolphin has a 2700 mm Wheelbase and 175 mm Ground Clearance.

Suspension of BYD Dolphin

Front SuspensionMacpherson strut
Rear SuspensionTorsion Beam
  • BYD Dolphin has a Macpherson strut Front Suspension and Torsion Beam Rear Suspension.

Performance of BYD Dolphin

Range340 km
Acceleration (0-100  kmph)10.9 seconds
  • The range of BYD Dolphin is 340 km and 10.9 seconds Acceleration (0-100  kmph).

Tyres and Brakes of BYD Dolphin

Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Front Tyre195/60 R16
Rear Tyre195/60 R16
  • BYD Dolphin has a tubeless tyre with 195/60 R16 Front Tyre and 195/60 R16 Rear Tyre.
  • The BYD Dolphin has a Disc Front Brake and Rear Brake.
BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal differs with variants. BYD Dolphin will be available only in a single variant. The BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal is Rs. 39,80,000.

ModelBYD Dolphin Price in Nepal
BYD Dolphin Rs. 39,80,000

BYD Dolphin is available in four different colors i.e. Maldive Purple, Sand white, Coral Pink and Urban Grey.

Additional Features of BYD Dolphin

  • More Storage Space
  • Large Door Pockets
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • BYD Blade Battery
  • Comfortable rear passenger space
  • Multi way seat adjustment
  • Central Covered Storage cubby
  • Spacious Interior
  • Dynamic Taillight


Cimex is the authorized distributor for BYD Vehicles in Nepal. The BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal mentioned above is reference Price. You can also visit the Showroom of BYD to know more about the model and recent BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal. 

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