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Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files for You

Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files for You

Sometimes we delete our important files and folders accidentally. It happens with the various reasons. If you are also facing the same problems and stuff then we would like to tell you that it is hard to retrieve your deleted data on your own. We have various of method to get back your files and folder or data among the method we are going to mention you the method from the app about That Recover Deleted Files for You
Here we’ve put some of the most popular apps.

Be Careful about the Fake Apps

There are a lot of fake apps on Google Play Store which takes some amount of fee to recover your files but don’t work properly.But it doesn’t meant that you can’t recover the deleted app. Only you need to do is be alert that you can’t have a fake apps.

Here’s the list of the app which really recover deleted files


Drumpster is the app which is successfully tested as the app which can really recover deleted files. It is strong enough to locate the deleted files and then restore the deleted images in case it the photo is sent to the trash folder. after you can skip from the trash and was deleted outright. it can’t degrade the quality of image where most of the cases we found that the restored image quality will be degrade.
The best part of this app is that the recycle bin feature catches your media data such as image, documents, music files. Only we can’t able to retrieve the deleted message except these we can get all the things back when it deleted accidentally.

It is very simple app which is easy to use. In order to recover deleted files you don’t have to buy a premium of it. It can do all your work for free. While the premium version let you to use backup service. The premium feature also let the user to tidy up unnecessary files on the phone.

Click Here to download app

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data will be the best android app option to recover deleted files if the phone is successfully rooted. If your phone is not rooted there also it works well but with being laggy. You can catch up the deleted files successfully but the location is hard to find. Except this nothing is cons in this app.

The benefit of rooted phone is that you can find the deleted or erased file even it is hard to find for other app. but this app can do your work very easily. But the recommendation to you is that rooting the phone leads you towards the vunaribility drop so, don’t root your phone just to use the app. Or you can root the phone with a proper way. This app cannot leave a space for unsearched.

Download: Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Recovery Software

Recovery Software will also be a great option to recover deleted files. some other app also looks nearly like this app so be careful while downloading this app. it can easily recover the files which are stored in a trash section. It also have the ability to restore the files which skipped the trash. This app can recover image, audio and video. So it is good to keep as the cloud backup for phone. No matter how long ago you’ve deleted the files you can restore them after the long period of time also.

Download: Recovery Software: Recover Deleted Files (Free)

Data Recovery

Data Recovery, or Photo APK Backup, is another important files for the people to restore the deleted files and data. The app is able to restore the files which is resides at the recycle bin or trash section. but the cons of the app is that you cant get back the files which is skipped from the trash. It is only for the deleted images. it don’t have the ability to find other files like video, audio, or so on. But this app can impress you by recovering the deleted images which we don’t looking for. If you are trying to recover the files which you’ve deleted long time ago then it does the work for you.

Download: Disk Digger

Yes, it is truth that you can get back your files and data after deleted but rather than using different software and app you need to keep backups of your important files.

We hope these guidelines helps you to know Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files for You. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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