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How to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures/Files?

How to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures/Files?


Are you worring from the issue of loosing your photos or files from the locked SD Card. For you, don’t do panic of disappering your files or pictures from the locked SD card. Yes, of coures sometimes it will happen that your memory card will locked with the various of reasons.

We start to worry about our photos will disappear but the main things here we need to understand is that in some of the cases which is countable there will be a few chance of loosing your files or medias after getting locked but there is high rate to recover Recover Locked SD Card Pictures.

There may be our personal information, privacy keeping things, or so on that’s why we need to access to those files even it get locked. There is no any possibility to recover the files or medias of your SD card if it is parmanently Damaged. Now without wasting the time ICT BYTE move towards the point which is more important to do this process. So Let’s get Started…

Normally, Locked SD card doesn’t let you to access the photos and other files which are kept inside it. If your SD card is inaccessible and not opening or not showing a concert response then there will be several conditions happens on the SD card either it is write-protected, password-locked, corrupted, or physically damaged.

In such situation you cannot able to open, format, view, copy, edit, or save important materials on SD Card. Without following the proper guideline or a protocol the risk rate of loosing all the data on the SD card will raise. So, proper guideline or the proper step will only retrieve data and the media files of you SD Card. Rather than doing too much panic or being worried read the post further you will surely Recover Locked SD Card Pictures.

How to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures on Android, PC, and Mac:

In order to recover photos and other files from the locked SD card in any of the platform you must have the access of the storage of the same device. So the first step we have to take is unlocking the SD card By:

  • Removing the write-protection,
  • Decrypting the SD card or,
  • Removing password protection of your SD card

Below mentioned are some possible way to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures:

  • Unlock the SD Card by removing write-protection,
  • Unlock SD card in Windows using CMD,
  • Unlock BitLocker-encrypted SD card on PC,
  • Unlock Android SD card using phone Settings,
  • Recover forgotten SD card password using File Manager on Android.

Once accessing the storage device from the above mentioned method then we can move on the further step to recovered our images using the Stellar SD card recovery software. You can download the Stellar Photo Recovery on Mac or windows by clicking the Options below.

  1. Click Here to Download on Mac
  2. Click Here to Download on Window

Note that only the advanced photo recovery tool can Recover Locked SD Card Pictures. The easy algorithm having tools have the less chance to get your data back. So Tech Byte strongly recommends you to use only advanced type of photo recovery tool as we have mentioned Stellar SD card recovery tool.

This tool is strong enough to get your photos back. The use of random tools also have the chance to lost your media data permanently erased from your SD card. The advanced photo recovery tool can supports recovery from Bit-locker-encrypted SD cards as well.

The Stellar Photo Recovery software is advanced enough to recover pictures and videos and audio files lost due to formatting, virus attack, corruption or damage in the storage card.

Steps to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures:

  • Step 1: First of all, Download Stellar Photo Recovery on your computer.
  • Step 2: Then you have to connect the unlocked SD card to the computer.
  • Step 3: Software interface give you option to select the memory card and click Scan. For an encrypted SD card, the software will ask for the password. Enter the password to begin scanning.
  • Step 4: Preview the found photos after scanning and click Recover.
  • Step 5: Click Browse to select a location to save the recovered deleted photos from the locked SD card.
  • You are succesful to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures.

By following the above mentioned method you can easily Recover Locked SD Card Pictures or files. Be sure that you can’t made any mistake.


We hope these guidelines helps you to know how to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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