Be Prepared Necessary Provision to Obtain Vehicles License from Nepal: 2 Easy Categories

Be Prepared Necessary Provision to Obtain Vehicles License from Nepal: 2 Easy Categories

What is Vehicles License ?

A driving license is an official document issued to a driver by the government to use the vehicle after fulfilling the test pass criteria. The type of driver’s license depends on the country’s transportation system.

First of all it is necessary to understand the type and process of the license before filling the application for the driving license.

What is the provision of Vehicles license in the context of Nepal?


We are going to discuss how to get a driving license in Nepal or what process needs to be completed.To be eligible to get a Vehicles license in Nepal, the driver or the applicant must first have reached the age of majority. If the focus is on the age of the motorcyclist, the age of the rider must be at least 16. The Government of Nepal does not legally issue a motorcycle license to anyone under the age of 16. Therefore, if you have not reached the age of 16, you are legally unable to apply for a bike license.

Similarly, the minimum age for applying for a medium driver’s license should be 18 years and in the case of heavy vehicles, only those who have reached 21 years of age will be given legal status. Recently we are aware of the concept of smart license in Nepal. Now we are going to discuss about the compulsory documents and process required to get a license.   

There are two condition of filling the form one is for new license and another is for renew license. According to the category documents differs. You can see below to get details of which conditions need which types of documents:

Category purpose of new license:

Original Citizenship Card:

Citizenship card is only that types of primary document which prove your nationality. In the case of getting license you are firstly need an original citizenship card. Our government doesn’t allow being vehicle licensed to anyone who doesn’t have original citizenship card.

Blood Group Card:

Blood Group Card to get licensed of vehicle is most complicated term to understand.The question is that why we need blood group card to get Vehicles license ? To understand the purpose of blood group card at the procedure of Vehicles license we need to know some minor concept what does it do or what is its role?

Literally Blood group card represent your blood types according to it’s structure.We are seeing many road accident and sometimes it may happens in own but not sure. So in case of the serious accident driver or rider may get critical injury where emergency blood is needed in order to save driver’s or license holders life.If the case of accident make license holder unconscious then the blood might be managed via his license.thats why you compulsory need a blood group card while in the procedure of being licensed.


Here others refers to any kind of document that will clear your personal details and information more clearly.That may be your educational certificate, passport, CV ect but these types of documents are may be demanded in exceptional case or condition to get Vehicles license.

Category purpose of Add:

1.Original Citizenship card:

If you are going to renew or modify your license your first document to be managed is original citizenship card.

2.Original license:

Original license is the highlighted toipics when we it comes in the term of add category.It is the process of getting permission to use other types of vechile which your first license doesn’t allow. So it is necessary to bring your original license to add other vechile in your license.

3.Concerned Origianl documents:

If in case your first Vehicles license got error from any other external aspect you are allowed to make correct your license so in the purpose of correction ,the original document  issued from concerned  authority is compulsory to be submitted in the procedure.

These above described condition is preparation of  first phase. There are certain points to take notes who applying Vehicles license via online are mentioned below:

  • The applicant must need to come at office with required document.
  • In the purpose of New license if error arise on submitted document office will not be responsible for correction.
  • On a Add category if the data and record needs to correct then it must be corrected while in the process of biometric online form registration otherwise office will not be responsible to correct.
  • The applicants who had submitted online form need to arrive office after 10:30Am to before 2:00 Pm on room no. 8(registration section).

Note:The information of written and trial exam result will be publish in facebook page (LECKANTAKUNA) from concerned office.

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