Nepal Rastra bank

Bank’s ATM charges cost Rs 20 when using one bank’s ATM in another

There’s a new rule amended by Nepal Rastra Bank about mobile banking, internet banking, and ATMs.

Initially, due to the COVID outbreak, there was a rule that banks cannot charge extra money if the money is transacted from other banks using ATM cards. Banks had to provide free service of using ATMs to the customers other than self bank accounts.

From Magh 1, this has been changed and there will be a charge for using another bank’s ATM.

According to the Nepal Rastra bank directive when using one bank’s ATM in another, banks will have to pay up to two transactions per month for free, after which a fee of Rs 20 per transaction will be charged.

Banks and financial institutions will have to inform the customer in advance about this.

Banks, on the other hand, will be able to charge their customers only for internet, mobile, and SMS banking fees in advance.

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