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NTC Customer Care Number. These are the numbers that you need to know to get support from Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom (NTC) offers several numbers that customers can use to get information about their services and lodge complaints. These numbers, which include 191, 197, 198, and 1498, are provided by the company and are free for customers to use.

191 can be called to get information about GSM, CDMA, and WiMAX services. Customers can ask questions and make complaints by pressing the appropriate number after calling 191.

197 can be called to get the landline number of Nepal Telecom, also known as a local telephone number. Customers can search for an individual or institutional telephone number on the company’s website by entering the name, address, and district of the person or organization.

198 can be called to complain about Nepal Telecom services, including maintenance of wired local telephone, ADSL, VSAT telephone, Fiber to the Home (FTTH), and leased line. Customers can select the appropriate option for their complaint by following the instructions provided by the automated system.

1498 can be called to get information about mobile and WiMAX services, as well as for any queries or complaints about these services. Customers can also find information about NTC services on the company’s website, app, and social media channels.

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