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CAN Federation gets new team, Ranjit Poddar nominated as President and Chiranjibi Adhikari elected as General Secretary

The Computer Association Nepal Federation (CAN Federation) recently held its 29th Annual General Meeting and 14th Congress, during which a new central working committee was elected.

Ranjit Kumar Podar was  elected as chairman of the committee, while Khushal Regmi was elected as senior vice president and Rajendra Prasad Aryal, Sarita Singh, Hark Bahadur Seti, and Dhruvaraj Sharma (Sudip) were elected as vice presidents.

Chiranjeevi Adhikari was elected as general secretary and Naveen Joshi was elected unopposed as treasurer. Sumanlal Pradhan, Buddharatna Tuladhar, and Pratap Sapkota were elected as secretaries, and Bhupaldas Shrestha, Narayan Prasad Shrestha, Bhupendra Mainali, and Karnaraj Paneru were elected unopposed as secretaries from the district branch group.

The newly elected chairman, Podar, stated that the committee will work to bring about significant development in the information technology sector by coordinating with professionals, students, business people, and related organizations. He also pledged to take special steps to produce skilled information technology manpower in Nepal, to support the transformation of information technology startups into industries, to promote information technology businesses, and to reduce the digital divide in the country.

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