Make a Free Website in WordPress in Local Device : Complete Guide for Beginners in 21 steps

Make a Free Website in WordPress in Local Device : Complete Guide for Beginners in 21 steps


WordPress is the open-source platform which let you to create a free website or blog. It is firstly introduced on May 27, 2003 AD. WordPress is written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database in which you are able to create a free website and webpages and publish your contents. Except Domain and server you don’t need any other things to use WordPress.

Key Features of WordPress:


The first features of word press is theme. You don’t need to code for the interfaces for your website rather than this WordPress offers you numerous types of theme which is free. You can upgrade those themes according to your need but the themes are free.


The architect of the plugin on WordPress is another features of WordPress from which you can extend the function of your website. There are more than 60k plugins in WordPress. You can also buy the premium plugins but the essential plugins for the proper site function is free on WordPress.

Supportive Operating system:

The Automattic.Inc has developed the WordPress for many the operating system. WordPress is supports on Android, iPhone, Windows, Black Berry and WebOS from where you can access all the features of WordPress like you can post,comment, and view the website traffic and so on.

Multi Blogging and Multi Users:

It is also the important features of the WordPress. It is important because you can handle multi type of pages and blogs or the user from the one dashboard but the full control is centralized on the admin’s hand. Means you can add the author and control them from your central dashboard.

Free website from WordPress:

Many people on YouTubers told you that just buy this just buy that then your Free website will be ready but we need to understand that this is their marketing strategy. Tech Byte here tells you that if you have enough money then you can’t search on google or somewhere “How to create a WordPress website for free?”. Free means free no any deals will be suppose to happen between the parties. So, Don’t drift in a very simple dilemma i.e. I am able or not? Here, Tech Byte guarantee you that if you properly follow the below mentioned steps then 100% you can create a Free website.

Steps to create a free website on wordpress:

  1. Open your laptop/computer and then go to browser.
  2. Go to and download WordPress. (Note: Don’t go to otherwise you can’t open a free website. If you are still confused about how to download WordPress then read the full article Tech Byte have mentioned the link on the end of the article)
  3. After the download of the WordPress then extract it and name as WordPress. (Note: Copy the extracted folder later you have to wok on it)
  4. Then Click here to download Xampp. (Xampp lets you to do local host)
  5. After the download Click next button of xampp respectively to install.
  6. Move on Local Disk: C and search for xampp.
  7. Open the Xampp and search for htdocs.
  8. Open the htdocs folder and paste the item. (see the step no. 3)
  9. Then go to search pannel of window and type “Xampp Control Panel”.
  10. Then click on the start button of Apache and My SQL. (Expect this don’t click on the other options. Wait till the Apache and My SQL start button turns green color. If the color of the My Apache or My SQL doesn’t turn green then you can’t able to local host)
  11. Then put this URL to the location Bar.
  12. The interface of phpmyadmin will opens to your screen then click on the Databases on the top left corner.
  13. Then Create a Database Name as WordPress. (Request: Don’t click on other options)
  14. Then go to Location bar and type localhost/wordpress.
  15. Select Your preference language and click on the continue button.
  16. In the next interface click on Let’s Go button.
  17. Then the wordpress new interface will present on your screen put the Database name as “wordpress” , enter the username as “root” and leave the password box blank leave the other box remains same and click on the submit button.
  18. The Click on Run The Installation.
  19. After that you have to create your site title, username and password and email for the wordpress. (Tech Byte Recommendation: Put the password very strong and don’t tick on Search Engine Visability otherwise your website will not present on the Search Engine).
  20. Then Click on the install wordpress.
  21. At last succes message presents on your screen and you have to login your wordpress account with recently provided username and password.

Congratulation you have created a Free website on WordPress, Now you can customize your website according to your wish.

Download WordPress Officially.


We hope these guidelines helps you to create a free website on WordPress. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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