How to Unlock Android Phone without Password ?

How to Unlock Android Phone without Password ?


Forgetting the password of our phones is a common problem. It can be happens with various reasons. After the forgetting the password we tries to search the possible way to unlock the phone. Many phone companies are too much worried about this problem so they has introduced the fingerprint mechanism to make the consumer easy to get authorize access. Having the perfect fingerprint on your phones can prevents you from keep your private data safe from the prying eyes.

But in just another case many people go to repairing center to get the phone as back to normal if they forget their pin password or pattern. Though it is good practice but we must have to search some of the possible ways to recover the phone before taking it to the repairing shop. Many android users also drift on the same situation to get the proper method to retrieve their data but they can’t follow the full process correctly or may be they catch the wrong scammed contents and they fails to recover the phone after forgetting the security of their phone .So, Tech Byte is going to describe some of the important method by which we can save our money and also enhance our skills.

Method 1: Android Device Manager:

In this method, if users had already enabled the Android Device Manager of your phone then they can take the advantage of ADM to unlock their locked phone.

Follow the simple steps for Android Device Manager:

  1. Search Find My device on your device.
  2. Sign in/up the Google login Details which is used on the locked device.
  3. Select the device which you want to unlock.
  4. Then select the Lock.
  5. Put a temporary Password & then again click on Lock Again.
  6. Then the confirmation is asked to you only click on the Lock and erase.
  7. Now you can see the password section on your phone where you have to use the temporary password used before.
  8. At last move to temporary password and disable it.

Method 2: PhoneRescue for Android:

Phone Rescue is the best option to Recover the Android devices with no need of tech Knowledge. This method is not an advance method. A simple mobile phone user can do this perfectly. This method is the most ideal choice for Android users to unlock Android phones without a password. You can safely bypass the lock screen, pattern, pin and so on and your privacy will remains 100% safe because it has one features which supports to backup your data and information. It is free for the users and works on large number of brands or say almost all models.

Steps for Phone Rescue:

  1. Download free software PhoneRescue for android on your computer.
  2. Install PhoneRescue on your computer.
  3. Run the software on computer.
  4. Connect the phones to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Hit on second upper left corner button.
  6. Choose the Lock Screen Removal function. (Let the app recognize your phone)
  7. After the recognizance of your phone simply press on Start Unlock button.
  8. Then You will succeed.

Method 3: Forgot Pattern:

This is the most common and most widely used method. The most amazing things of this method is that sometime normal users can does this method perfectly till half unknowingly. But the condition for you is that if your phone runs below android 4.4 then only you can do recovery from this method.

Steps for forgot pattern:

  1. Enter the wrong password 5 times.
  2. Then hit on the forgot pattern.
  3. Input the backup pin then tap OK.
  4. If you have your google account then sign in.


We hope these guidelines helps you to unlock android phone without password. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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