You may be looking for a question “How to maintain windows Battery health?” so that it can run for a little bit longer, as every laptop user knows that even the best laptop batteries run out pretty quickly. Therefore, you will discover how to perform CPR on your laptop on this site.

Several factors might contribute to your laptop’s low battery life, including using high brightness settings, having multiple apps open in the background, and leaving your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for extended periods of time. The following advice may help your laptop last a little longer while maintaining the same battery percentage.

Let’s now review the methods that validate “how to maintain windows battery health?”

Among them crucial advices are:

Use of battery saver and power mode:

In Windows, the battery icon exists in the taskbar. You have to click the battery icon and move the slider to get the battery saver button. To switch to a more effective battery mode, click this button and select the power-saving option.

maintain windows battery health

Moreover, you also need to adjust the sleeping mode of your laptop, which requires first going to the settings, then selecting System, Power, and Sleep. In order to ensure that your laptop enters rest mode as quickly as possible while you are not using it, you must specify a shorter sleep interval here that plays a vital role to maintain windows battery health.

Manage Display Setting:

There are two ways to control your display settings: either turn on dark mode or change the brightness of your laptop.
To enable dark mode, you have to go to the settings, then go to Personalization and then Color. Choose the dark mode from there.

In a similar vein, you can change the brightness of your laptop by navigating to the task bar’s battery symbol. From there, you may slide the brightness level you like. Your laptop’s long-lasting battery mode will be enabled when it is in the lowest brightness mode.

Disable Background app:

Disabling background application is the best way to maintain windows battery health as much of the energy is wasted on the application that we don’t even use.
To disable the background app, we have two options; one is to disable Startup programs, and another is to limit background apps.
For disabling startup programs, open task manager then press ctrl+shift+Esc to go to the Startup tab that will disable your unnecessary programs.
Again for Limit background apps go to the Settings, then privacy and then Background Apps. Hence turn off all the applications you don’t need to run in the background.

Keyboard Backlight:

Additionally, the keyboard backlight uses more power, shortening the life of your battery.

maintain windows battery health

Disabling the Keyboard Light is the greatest approach to extend the life of your battery. You may accomplish this by using the function FN key.

Disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

In addition to having a detrimental effect on battery life, Bluetooth and WiFi enable laptops to run unnecessary software in the background. The essential advice for preserving battery life is to disable Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use for tasks that call for them.

Healthy Charging habit:

Preventing overcharging and complete discharges is the finest method to establish a good charging habit.

maintain windows battery health

To maintain windows battery health, maintaining a battery level between 20 and 80 percent is the best practice. It means that in order to maintain the best possible health for your laptop’s battery, don’t allow it to run out of juice or overcharge it.

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Thus, these are the basic strategies to maintain windows battery health and extending the life of a Windows laptop battery, which also involves avoiding overcharging at first.

maintain windows battery health

Other crucial advice includes ensuring that your device is regularly charged between 20 and 80 percent of the time, activating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi only when needed, and turning off background apps. Hence, these are the most essential steps to maintain windows battery health that will save your laptop from dying soon.

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