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How to unblock domain on Facebook?



unblock domain on Facebook

Unblock website URL on Facebook

The issue of blocked URL on facebook is going seriously. A lot of people already have faced this issue globally.

Is the domain block on Facebook permanent?

Many people are thinking that the issue of domain block on Facebook is permanent. But, if you act wisely, you can unblock your domain from Facebook in 24 hours.

Way to unblock your domain from Facebook

You can unblock your blocked domain with following:

  • Unblocking Domain with Facebook Debugger
  • Unblocking with Facebook Support
  • With the help of Facebook Ad account

How to post in Facebook if your domain is blocked but you need it urgently?

This is a simple trick. But, it can’t be guaranteed that it works for 100% of users. If you are lucky enough, this trick can help you.

First, you should try this from your mobile device.

In this trick, simply put your URL in google search. Google search will show your url’s result.

Copy that URL and make it short with the help of URL shortener,

If you paste that shortened URL in Facebook, now it might work. Feel lucky if it works.

Step-wise guide to unlocking your domain from Facebook

Facebook Debug Tool

  • If all of your domain is not blocked and certain URLs are only blocked, you can unblock your domain with the help of Facebook debug tool.
  • e.g is blocked instead of whole domain, this method will be useful to you.
  • In this case, your URL contains some error. So, simply fix these errors.
  • You can use Facebook Debug tool from here.
  • In facebook debugger, paste the URl and click debug. You will see the the errors and warnings
  • Fix those all and share your URL on Facebook.

Contact Facebook Help / Support Center

You are seeing this message,

 “we believe the link you are trying to visit is malicious. For your safety, we have blocked it.”

Simply, appeal on the facebook help center regarding this issue. You will get support from Facebook.

To appeal on Facebook to unblock the domain,
  • Publish your post on Facebook.
  • You will see the message “This domain is blocked due to suspicious activity.”
  • There, you will find – Let us know text with link.
  • Open the link
  • Now, write why you need to unblock the domain.
  • Similarly, Use multiple Facebook account and repeat the process
  • After this, Your domain will get unblocked.
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