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Lozoom : A New Ridesharing Service in Nepal

Lozoom : A New Ridesharing Service in Nepal

Lozoom is a ridesharing service in Nepal developed by Lozoom Commute Services Pvt. Ltd. LO Zoom means a Nepali word saying “Let’s go”.

This service is initiated by two youths Pratik Subba and Denish Karki.

This service has come into operation with new and attractive features in the field of Nepali Ride-Sharing Service. Prateek Subba, executive director of Lujum, said that the service was started by about 200 partners in the first phase in the middle of the lockdown.

The service has been launched using protective devices such as sanitizers and masks to prevent the corona virus. All riders have been provided Rs 500 in their wallets to make it easier to buy health care items like masks and sanitizers. Similarly, in the current situation, hourly rental booking is also available, said Subba. This service will be available in all areas of Kathmandu Valley.

“There is a very good response to Lozoom, which can be accessed both online and offline, and the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times so far,” said Subba. Luzum is available as a new service in the Nepali ride-sharing market.

With the idea of ​​providing accessible and quality service, it has special features available for both the rider and the user.

Lozoom Unique Commute Services

  • Safe and Sound Ride

Lozoom’s prime concern is the safety of the riders. It is working to provide you a safe and sound ride service. In case of an accident, it provides you a percentage of your treatment through various health partners.

  • Works both Online & Offline

Lozoom commute services work both offline and online. If you don’t have an application and online you can call the riders in the numbers. To book a ride through the phone call you can contact them on the given numbers: 980-2323233, 980-2323234, 980-2323235, 980-2323236.

  • Child education

Lozoom focuses on empowering her partner as well as her family. Believing that every child has the right to proper education, Lozoom has taken the initiative to support the education of one of the best partners every month.

  • Gender preference

For the safety concerned Lozoom has a gender preference option. One can choose the male or female riders.

  • Holiday Destination

Lozoom offers you a chance to win two-way tickets to exotic holiday destinations across the globe like Thailand and Singapore every month. Earn unique codes by using lo zoom services and win this chance

  • Complimentary ride

Lozoom offers rides to 5% of its first users every month for 5 years. It is an expression of gratitude for their valued users. So use their services to become that lucky customer once a month for 5 years free ride.

  • Spot booking

Lozoom has introduced another new feature called spot booking in which partners will be able to give passengers a ride immediately off the road. Even if the customer is not a passenger of Lozoom, the partners will get an additional bonus by providing the vehicle service.

Lozoom in Nepal

Customers will be charged 50 NRs for the first 2KM ride and afterward 15 rs additional per km.

Lozoom in nepal

This company is also supporting an initiative for growing Nepal digitally.

It is providing online training for drivers and online applications to them to apply to become a Lozoom driver.

Download Lozoom Application

Get the Lozoom application on Google play and IOS store

If you are one who doesn’t know how to use the application you can call them for Bike & Taxi request at following numbers:

9802323233 , 9802323234 , 9802323235 , 9802323236

We are very excited to see this new riding service. Let’s see how it goes. Mention your thoughts in the comment sections below.

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