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Android Phone vs iPhone: 4 factors determining best one

Android Phone vs iPhone: 4 factors determining best one

Android phone vs iPhone? This question always crosses the mind while you aim to buy a high budget smartphone. We’ll talk about the two well-known smartphones in this blog post because they both have advantages and disadvantages that sometimes make it difficult to decide comparing the pricing and security of Android phones vs iPhones. However, there is a significant disparity between them in terms of both pricing and the services they offer. Initially, let’s go through the simple definition of Android phone vs iPhone.

Android Phone

Are you reading this from an Android Phone? If not then let me explain, Android phone is the smartphone available from lowest range to highest range and have various features with models and brands as well.


iPhone is a smartphone launched by apple which is mostly known by its camera quality and its high price. Unlike android phone, it is available in limited color but mostly preferred smartphone because of the hype of its brand.

Android Phone Vs iPhone Price Difference

First, let’s discuss the pricing differential between the Android phone vs iPhone.

Android phone vs iPhone

As everyone knows, an iPhone costs a lot more than an Android device. The lowest-priced iPhone is about 80,000 and 2,90,000 Nepali rupees, whereas the lowest-priced Android device is between 7,000 and 2,40,000 rupees. We can infer from this price tag that Android phones are more reasonably priced than iPhones, although iPhone costs typically remain higher for all Android phone versions.

For the fair prices of iPhone of every available model you can visit Apple (an official site of Apple). Similarly, for android you can visit some of the sites of android smartphones such as Samsung, Vivo, realme. From this information as well, you can analyze the fact in android phone vs iPhone.

Security Comparisions

android phone vs iPhone

In other words, if you prioritize safety above all else and are looking for an operating system free of spyware and viruses, there isn’t a straightforward solution.

It is difficult for a hacker to breach any iOS system, which increases the security of the iPhone because iOS is a closed system. Apple does not provide its source code to app developers, and iPad users are unable to fix problems.

However, unlike the iPhone, Android is dependent on open-source code, which makes it simple for a third party to access the operating system. As a result, Android can easily be the target of hackers as they are less secure. However, this is not the whole picture, as spyware and viruses can also infect iPhones.

Additionally, Android concentrates on both hardware and software, whereas iPhone concentrates primarily on software security, making them fierce rivals.

Differences between the security of an Android phone vs iPhone.

iPhoneAndroid Phone

It has closed hardware that supports its own platform.

It is easy to download applications from both official and unofficial links.
iPhone releases its security update once at a time for all which keeps it more secure.
Not all Android releases its security update on time which creates issues in terms of security.

In the iPhone, Apple app stores go through the feedback process that reduces the risk of malware.
In android, google uses play protection to protect from malware but still the third party can access it easily.
iPhone integrates its own security in the forms of face ID and secured region to store essential information.Some brands like Samsung provide their own security like Knox by aiming to provide the proper security to the data.

As a result, iPhones are frequently more secure than Android devices; yet this does not mean that Android is inappropriate, as Android and iPhone compete in a variety of markets. However, it absolutely relies on your budget you will choose between Android phone vs iPhone. In terms of privacy, both Android and iPhone have strategies in place to keep their devices secure, and they are both the best in their respective fields because, according to data gathered in 2024, their market values are roughly equal.

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Ultimately, the comparison of Android Phone vs iPhone is based on how much they differ in price and what services they offer for the same price.

Android phone vs iPhone

This article has explained about android phone vs iPhone best in terms of price and security. Therefore, it depends on your preferences: security or a constantly secure experience at a high price.

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