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11 rules to make your password strong

11 rules to make your password strong

Password is the only thing that is keeping your personal information protected from hackers and thieves. Nowadays we have accounts on many websites and most of them have our personal information like address, phone number, photos, and so on. As every this is being done online, we even have our financial information online. Because of the fear of being hacked, we have to make the password of any account strong.

So, today we will talk about 11 rules that you have to consider while putting or changing the password.

11 rules to make your password strong

11 rules to make your password strong

1 The 1st rule is, never use personal information as your password. One of the most common tricks that hackers use while identifying the password is to use personal information of the users. So, you should never put and details like birth date, name, phone number, name of your loved one, and so on.

2. The next rule is, the password should be a minimum of 10 characters. Many websites will suggest you put a minimum of 6-8 characters. But to make the password stronger, use a minimum of 10 characters.

3. Use different types of characters. You have to put a password that is difficult for the hacker to hack as well as easier for you to remember. Likewise, create a password by using a combination of lower and uppercase letters. You can also put symbols and numbers.

4. Do not use a simple sequence. Avoid using alphabet and number sequences while creating the password. It is also one of the tricks to finding out the password easily.

5. Do not use simple words. This is also another trick by which the hackers can easily identify your password. Avoid using simple words that you can relate to. In place, use random words that are easy for you to remember and has no connection with you what so ever.

6. Use different passwords for different websites and apps. If a hacker has hacked your account and you have the same password for different accounts, you are at risk. So always create different passwords for different accounts.

7. If you have difficulties remembering the passwords of different accounts, you can use the same password but with some changes. For eg, let’s say your password is patan123. Now you can use the password by changing some letters or numbers like PaTan321.

8. Write down the password. If you have difficulty remembering the passwords, you can also write it down somewhere safe. do not put the written password in an open place or easily reachable place.

9. A unique way of creating a password is, use a song or a poem for reference. you can use the first letters of the words in the song or poem. Also, use different numbers and symbols.

10. Using a password manager. Many browsers provide a password manager to keep your account protected and safe.

11. The last rule that you should keep in mind is, change the password. If you feel that your password is too weak or someone is trying to hack you, change the password immediately. While changing the password use the above rules.

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