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TikTok Vs Reels. Everything You Should Know.

TikTok Vs Reels. Everything You Should Know.

Are you confused about TikTok and Reels? Then you are in the right place because this article is about TikTok Vs Reels.

What is TikTok?

TikTok app is a video creating platform where users can stream live broadcasts, record short video clips, add favorite music tracks, and post on social networks. It’s been some time that TikTok has been on the trend.  Its download has reached 1 billion and has about 500 million active users. It is mainly famous among youths.

Features of TikTok:

  • Video uploading: Users can upload new videos of 1-minute length
  • Video editing: Users can edit the videos using various tools and effects available in the app
  • Live streaming: Live streaming is also available where users can stream live and connect with their followers.
  • Social sharing: Users can share the videos in different social platforms
  • Soundtracks: Users many different songs to their short videos from the TikTok library.
  • Duet Option: Users can create a video and ask other users to duet with them.

The app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Play Store rating: 4.3/5

App Store rating:  4.8/5

What is Reels?

The reel is a short video creating and editing feature in the Instagram story. Instagram users can upload short 15min videos and share in the social platforms. It has various effects and many songs in their song library.  As it is in its testing phase Reels is available in only some countries like …. (more)

TikTok Vs Reels

So you may be curious about the difference between Tiktok and Reels. The difference is listed below:
>Video Time
>Music Library

TikTok Vs Reels


  • Tiktok is an app owned by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance
  • Reels is a feature of the Instagram story

#Video Time

  • In TikTok, we can record 1 min video
  • In Reels, we can record 15-sec videos

#Music Library

  • Tiktok has already had agreements with various music labels
  • Facebook is still in the negotiation stage with music labels for Reels


  • Tiktok is already available in App stores and has around 1Billion downloads
  • Reels are still in the testing phase and are launched in only some countries.


  • Tiktok was launched in 2018 and it has been highly popular since.
  • Facebook launched ‘Lasso’ app in November 2018 to compete with TikTok which was a failure.
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