9 Things We Should Not Search On Google

9 Things We Should Not Search On Google

Nowadays we can get anything if we search on google. As Google answers all our questions it has become a solution to every type of problem and curiosity.

But as we know that everything has two sides, sometimes Google can work against you. How? Here is the list of things you should never ever search on google.

9 Things We Should Not Search On Google

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# Health Symptoms

If you are suffering from any type of health problem and you go to take help from ‘Dr. Google ‘ then instead of solution you will get various results of health diseases of your symptoms due to which you will feel worse and panic. So, visiting a health professional would be the better idea.

# Anything Criminal

This is not what you search but if you have thought about searching anything criminal in Google then don’t because drugs and security control service could track you by your IP and you could be in trouble. So, try avoiding searching about anything criminal.

#Skin Condition

There are various skin conditions that look really bad. You would like to stay away from those images of skin condition as these types of images could be extremely disturbing.

#Giving Birth

Giving Birth is a beautiful thing but it is also a painful process. So knowing or looking at it could be more difficult. Some of the female could become hopeless or discouraged if they know about the real proces. Not saying that you should not have knowledge about giving birth, yes it is good to have knowledge but it might be better if you know the process from health experts.


If you need a worm for your garden and you search on google then you need to be specific with your term. Because you might end up getting creepy, crawly, and disturbing results. So, you need to be specific with your term.


Cancer is one of the fatal and deadly diseases in the world. If you search on Google about cancer then you might end up getting cancer. Wait for what? yes because in google you will find various results about cancer and its symptoms which may or may not be true. But if you found out that you have one of the symptoms of cancer then you will get panicked. So, instead of trusting Dr.Google visit the doctor.

#Product is safe or not

In Google, we can find various opinions from various so-called experts. Suppose if you are looking if the product can be ingested or not. There will be many positive and negative suggestions about it. So instead of getting an answer, you will get confused. So these google experts should not be to whom you rely on, you should always take suggestion from the doctor or product-related experts for any type of products.

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# Financial advice

You can get various financial advice from Google but you should not trust them because this advice may be a fraud and unreliable due to which you may lose a lot of money. So you should not search for financial advice from Google.

#Things found in fast food

Fast foods are delicious but why shouldn’t we search for things found in fast food? because instead of fast food ingredients you will get photos of worms and insects found inside fast food. So you better not search on Google about things found in fast food.

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