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Google Doodle: Happy Birthday from Google



google doodle happy birthday

Have you seen gifts or candles around the Google logo which is just above the search option on the homepage of google?  Do you know why it is there? Was it there the day before?  Hmm, no idea? The alternative logo is called the ‘Google Doodle’. The logo has changed as a happy birthday wish from Google on your birthday.

First Google Doodle
First Google doodle (Burningman festival 1998)

Google Doodle is a temporary special logo on Google’s homepage to celebrate events, holidays, historical figures, and achievements. The doodle was introduced first to celebrate the burning man festival in 1998. Doodle was created by outside contractors before 2001 after that “Doodlers”, a team of Google employees was formed by Google which organized and published doodles. The Doodle often changes on a daily basis and its subject depends on world events.

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Why Happy Birthday Google doodle?

Google started creating Happy Birthday doodle from 2010. This temporary logo is nothing but gratitude towards its user for using their services. When you hover around the logo you will see ‘Happy Birthday, (your name)’. When you click on that you will see the list of people born on that date and historical events that occurred on that date.

How does Google know my birthday?

By Magic! Just kidding. When you create an account on Google you provide your various details and among them is your birth date. So according to that Google celebrates your birthday by providing a Happy Birthday doodle on your birthday.

Who will get Happy Birthday doodle?

You must have a valid Google account to get doodle from Google. Also, you need to log in with the Google account into the browser to get the birthday doodle. But if you (maybe anyone) do not want your birthday wishes from Google Simply use a browser without login and you won’t get bothered by birthday doodle.

Some of the Google Doodles:

Google doodle 1
google doodle 1
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