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10 Google cool tricks that you’d love to know

10 Google cool tricks that you’d love to know

If this lockdown has questioned you about what tricks you’ll do on Google, here are 10 top best-hidden tricks of Google that you just actually need to know!

1.Play Tic Tac Toe 

Google's search results page

Simply by searching Tic Tac Toe in Google will allow you to play the Tic Tac Toe game on Google’s search results page. What’s more, you’ve got three difficulty levels to play against Google algorithm, otherwise, you’ll be able to play against your friend. 

  2. Google Gravity 

Gravity in Google

 Google Gravity is an experiment that induces gravity in Google and each element falls all the way right down to the bottom of the page. You’ll then pick and through everything on the screen, and guess what, everything still works. You’ll be able to still use the search engine and all the search results will fall down as well. 

3.Playing Pac-Man 

Pac-Man in Google

If you are bored and want to play games, there’s a Pac-Man in Google Search where you can even unlock a two-player mode that adds Ms. Pac-Man to the classic game. 

4.Do a Barrel Roll 

Barrel roll on Google

This is an awfully old trick by Google. If you hunt for “Do a barrel roll” on Google, it’ll  do a roll for you. 

5.Google Orbit 

Google Orbit view

Search ‘Google Orbit’ and click on the I’m Feeling Lucky. Then you’ll watch the home page swirl which spin as you move your mouse cursor around the screen.  


Google tricks

This trick is basically cool which certainly please all the Marvel fans out there. So look for “Thanos” on Google and go to Marvel’s biography on the right side of the page. 

7.Askew – Tilting Google’s Search Page 

Google tricks

 Google describes it’s meaning by tilting the results page. To clarify, just seek for “askew” or “tilt” and Google will tilt the page to the right. 

8.Google Sky 

night sky on Google

Are city lights bogging down your night sky? Using Google Sky, you’ll be able to see the night sky from the safety of your own computer. Also if you zoom out, you’ll even see separate planets and galaxies. 

9.Flip a coin 

Google tricks

Search for ‘Flip A Coin’ and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, and then Google will tell you whether it’s heads or tails. 

10.Offline Dinosaur Game 

Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome

If your internet connection is weak and you’re losing interest, then you don’t need to worry at all because Google gives you an awesome endless Dinosaur Game hidden right there on Chrome! 

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