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Face ID and Touch ID in Facebook messenger



facebook messenger lock

Facebook Messenger is a messaging feature created by Facebook. Facebook recently updated messenger with a new privacy feature which allows the iPhone/iPad user to lock the messenger app with Touch ID or Face ID. So, now to see the chats you need to unlock the messenger app using Touch ID and Face ID. This feature helps to keep messages safe from others. This feature adds an extra layer of security. Therefore, you can give your iPhone/iPad to anyone to use but they cannot go through messages in messenger without your Touch ID or Face ID.  

So, below we have provided you the steps to use Face ID and Touch ID in Facebook messenger. Before you follow the steps you need to have a Facebook account and you should have messenger installed on your phone.

If you don’t have a Facebook account click here. To install Messenger click here.

How to use Face ID and Touch ID in Facebook messenger?

  1. Open your iPhone/iPad and then go to the messenger (your app must be updated)
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account
  3. In the app tap your profile icon in the top left corner
  4. Scroll down and then choose privacy
  5. Select App Lock
  6. Toggle on Require Touch ID or Face ID
  7. Tap ok
  8. Then choose how soon the app locks after you leave it.

But you can still reply to message and answer calls while the Facebook messenger is locked. So, if you give your iPhone/iPad to others and then a new message pops up then they can see the message and reply to the new message.

Also, this feature is not available to Android users. This feature will come to Android in the next few months which will allow android to lock the messenger app using Touch ID and Face ID.

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