Messaging app signal is getting popularity all of sudden. Why this is happening right now?

messaging app signal

Messaging app signal is getting popularity all of sudden. Why this is happening right now?

Users from around the world are shifting and using messaging app signal, which is encrypted. Millions of users are using signal nowadays and signal is at teh no. 1 spot on Google play store top free app. Similarly, signal has number one position in apple app store as well.

On last thursday to sunday, around 7.5 million times installation was made for signal. This is almost more than 43 times installation compared with the previous period.

As people are more concerning and talking about their privacy and security, encrypted messaging app like signal is getting popularity nowadays. But for the signal, this much growth is possible after users of Whatsapp get updated terms of service. Remember that whatsapp is owned by the Facebook.

Another factor that surge signal user is because of endoresement from some tech giant leaders like Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

Also, telegram, another eencrypted messaging app also got 25 million new users from world just in 72 hours.

Due to large spoke on traffic of Signal, it is getting some issues as well. Verification code for new users signup had delayed. But later on this issue was solved.

Why users are angry with WhatsApp?

Last month, WhatsApp notified users about the updated terms of services and privacy policy. User must accept that terms of services and privacy policy for using Whatsapp beyond the 2nd week of February that is 8th of February 2021.

The main concern of users is about the collection of data and its sharing with the Facebook, parent company of WhatsApp.This of course is not protecting the users data.

Why people are prefering signal?

We have listed its answer pointwise

  • Its another free app which provides encrypted messaging
  • Calling and Video chat features are available.
  • App is run by non profit organization – Signal Foundation
  • Signal has received endorsement from high profile people.