Beauty Pageant and Tech World

Beauty Pageant and Tech World

Women empowerment doesn’t come in one form, it comes in many forms. When people think of beauty pageants, the first thing that comes to their mind is girls performing on stage,decked out in their best attire with their makeup and hair expertly styled. Some individuals, on the other hand, pay attention to the amount of effort, dedication, and planning that goes into these events. Since there are multiple views associated with this topic, the talk about pageants is very intriguing.And technology plays a vital role in influencing the pageantry world. 

We are living in an era where technological advancements are commonplace. Having considered that, technology has positive and negative effects on the pageantry world.The engagement with the audience is one component of technology that has had a significant impact on pageants. Technology has given us access to information at a  twenty four hour rate and anything can be found online. People can watch your performances through YouTube or any channel especially in this phase when physical presence is almost impossible.

Similarly, technology has brought many methods of electronic communication due to which you can have video conference or media conference with anyone over the world. Social media is considered as one of the most important element nowadays as it can help the event organizers to reach to their targeted audience, stay engaged with them and address their queries. 

Likewise, for the critics, beauty pageants are an outdated hangover of a patriarchal society that values women only for their beauty. And technology is one of the best way to showcase the fact that pageants are a platform for women’s empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership as media can easily find and reveal information about the whole program. 

However, everything has a downside to it and so is the case here. Audience or medias can generate wrong information about the event which can make a direct negative impact upon the organizers and cause damage to the brand’s reputation. Hence, fake news remains one of the biggest challenge for the organizers. A beauty pageant is a competition for empowering women who have a vision of becoming stronger and better versions of themselves while also inspiring other women to achieve the same and unite as one. Since, cyber threat is arising nowadays, if not handled properly, it can lower the self esteem of young people which can affect their physical and mental health.

Nonetheless, beauty pageants are considered as events that represent modernity and western values all over the world. Consequently, every individual that aspires to take part in pageant is represented on the global stage of beauties and every organizer forward their winners and the whole ceremony  to the national and international press, medias and so on. This shows that technology has infiltrated each and every part of pageantry world. 

Beauty pageants can be viewed from two perspectives: negatively or positively. And this whole thing is influenced by the technology. Without technology, pageantry world can’t succeed but the same technology can cause destruction to the whole program or the organizers. Since, everything has a bright side and a dark side and if we focused and worked on bright side, success is inevitable. To conclude, beauty pageants and technology world are two sides of the same coin.

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