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Tribhuvan University campus transforming after 40 years

Tribhuvan University campus transforming after 40 years

After about 40 years, the central department of the humanities faculty of Tribhuvan university is beginning to change. The work of Tribhuvan University campus transform has been started under the leadership of the head of the Central Department of Sociology, Dr. Tikaram Gautam. A few days ago, Announcing the goal, Gautam said, “The Tribhuvan University campus transforming after 40 years is to encourage the students who come to Tribhuvan University to pursue higher education with a big dream.”

At first, he was only working to improve the Department of Sociology, but as he was working, he thought, “Not only the classrooms and premises of one department should be improved, but the entire campus should be improved.” Despite initial reluctance, all the department heads, professors, and students stood together in favor of improving the entire campus. Gautam adds, “We had prepared a master plan and we are working according to it. Tribhuvan University campus transforming after 40 years is mainly for the betterment of students. If the Corona epidemic had not occurred, the situation would have changed by the tenth.”


There are 22 central departments and five separate programs under the Faculty of Humanities and Sociology, out of which 16 departments are located together within the Tribhuvan University Kirtipur campus. Now all the departments are scattered, with first-time students are confused when searching for their department. The Buildings built about 45-50 years ago need renovation. Also, Classrooms and furniture are not worth reading.  

Master plan of Tribhuvan University campus transform

Tribhuvan University campus reforming
Sketch After Completion
From Inside

Once inside, you will find a crossroads leading to various departments. An oval-shaped park with a water fountain will be constructed in front of the main building which is considered as the attraction of Tribhuvan University. There will be greenery with flowers and trees, and also there will be well-arranged seats. The building will be made attractive by painting. A path has been made between the main building and the management faculty.

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Also, a map of the departments will be placed at all three gates, the students will find their department by looking at the same mapping. Even in the midst of Corona’s devastation, weeding and mowing are in progress. Drains and roads leading to various departments are being constructed. Gautam says that new plants will be planted while protecting the existing trees and plants. There will be greenery all around.

The roof and walls of the building will be painted red. The window will be painted white. Curtains will be placed on every window. There will be also chairs in the yard for students to sit outside. Now the students will enter the classroom through the beautiful garden. Chautari will be made around each tree. Gautam believes that the beautifully painted building will add sparkle. There will be another parking lot next to the Department of Economics.

To the left of the main entrance will be the joint library of all the departments. He says that he will also make a well-organized cafe for lunch and breakfast. “Now Tribhuvan University will have the most attractive humanities faculty.” Gautam has already built a garden in front of the Department of Sociology.

From Outside

From the outside, you will see colorful buildings and greenery inside. There will be a well-organized parking lot on the left side as soon as you enter. There will be three gates for professors and students to enter. The main gate management will be next to the central department. Students no longer have to go through the Department of Economics to get to their department. The road has been opened by clearing bushes from the side of the management department and preparations are being made to pitch the road. Also, there will be one gate next to the Department of Economics.

After Tribhuvan University campus transform

As soon as you enter the department, you will feel like you have entered a different world. Students who have returned from studying at a foreign university should not feel tired when they are admitted to Tribhuvan University.

“Had it not been for the epidemic, the Tribhuvan University campus transform project would have reached its final stage. If the coronavirus is cured, we will be able to complete the work within six months to a year,” says Gautam. Also, all the work is being done by the central department itself by raising funds. So, There are 23 components to be done under this master plan. According to Gautam, the Tribhuvan University campus transform work has been started since last November.

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