NEA Extends Date to Clear Electricity Bill

NEA Extends Date to Clear Electricity Bill

NEA Extends Date Indefinitely :

Most of the cities are in lockdown downstate. It’s already the fifth day. The government is trying its best for the prevention of the nation.

Previously, the Nepal Rastra bank increased the transaction limit on digital payments.

Similarly, the digital wallets like E-Sewa, khalti, and others have removed bank to bank transactions. Khalti offered to loads funds to wallet from atm cards free.

Everyone is doing their best from their side for the comfort of people staying at homes during this lock time. Maintaining social distance is all we need to do right one for everyone’s safety.

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NEA has announced other plans to help people. It has decided to extend the bill payment date indefinitely. It is a small but very big effort which results in people from rushing to bill counters. This can deduct the risk of virus transmission.

NEA also provides a 20 percent discount to 3.8 million consumers for this month of Chaitra.

NEA Extends Date to clear Electricity Bill
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NEA is also encouraging bill payments from online using digital payment services.

Likewise, the staff of NEA would be on duty to ensure interrupted services to every household.

The government is continuing the undergoing hydro-power projects and irrigation projects with more safety measures. The manpower is properly isolated to work.

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