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Instagram live stream extended for up to 4 hours | New update

Instagram live stream extended for up to 4 hours | New update

Instagram live Extended

In this pandemic period, Instagram has brought various updates like messenger and Instagram integration, reels, and many more. Now as part of the update the photo-sharing app has decided to extend Instagram live stream for up to 4 hours. Before the users could only go live for an hour but now according to Instagram the users can do Instagram live for 4 hours.

Instagram live stream
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According to Instagram, the reason behind the extension is helping creators — yoga instructors, artists, musicians, cooks, and the like — to do longer sessions with their engaged audience without being interrupted every hour limit.

Note: This update is global and applies to all Instagram users. However, this new time extension only is available to accounts “in good standing,” with no history of policy or IP violations.

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Archive Instagram live stream

Additional to the live extension, Instagram is adding an option to Archive Instagram live stream. The live streams will be kept for 30 days and can be only viewed by you. You can also download the live stream on your device or upload the live video on your IGTV to share with your followers.

Instagram live stream

With the idea of providing people with more content that may interest them, the photo-sharing platform will be updating the ‘Live Now’ section on IGTV at the end of a live stream.


When will Instagram update be available?

According to Instagram the update will be available soon.

Does Instagram live have a time limit?

Yes, as the live period is only an hour for now but with this update, the time will be extended to hours.

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