Send messages through Instagram in Facebook Messenger (2020)

Send messages through Instagram in Facebook Messenger (2020)

Facebook to Merge Facebook Messenger With Instagram DMs

The social media giant is set to merge Messenger with Instagram DMs though it is more like a collaboration which means users who use Instagram can now send text messages, photos, or videos to those who use Facebook Messenger, and vice versa which means People using Instagram can now reach you on Messenger without you needing to download a new application. With this, it will be convenient for people to stay connected and express themselves in new ways.

“We’re basically giving users the ability to do something they all want to do across apps”

said Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of FACEBOOK Messenger
Send messages through Instagram in Facebook Messenger

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When will this cross platform be available?

For now, the integration of Messenger and Instagram and will be rolled out gradually to people in a few countries. Exactly where and when Messenger and Instagram cross-platform messaging will be available is unclear, though. According to CNN, the feature is currently being “tested in certain selected markets, and in the coming days will expand globally .”

Also, The new Instagram messaging tools will include:

  • Selfie stickers
  • Vanishing messages
  • Custom emoji
  • Chat colors
  • New ways to block unwanted messages,
  • Watch Together feature, which lets you watch videos during a video call with friends

Messaging services in the market

In the current market messaging services have enormous opportunities with regional players tending to dominate. WeChat in China and Line in Japan are dominating their areas but the situation in the US is a bit different. There are many competitors with equal popularity in the US market so to take an upper hand in this competitive market the integration of Instagram and Facebook Messenger might be the new strategy by Facebook. Also addition to this integration Facebook is also planning to integrate What’s App in this plan.

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