Top 5 Cashback service right now in Nepal

Top 5 Cashback service right now in Nepal

“Cashback service in Nepal by different digital wallets and mobile banking services.”

Due to this lockdown and COVID-19 users are really high with digital payment and services.

Fortunately, this outbreak had brought these positive impacts on people’s lives and they are slowing being habituated of these digital services.

Digital payment services are trying their best to market out their business and promote their services.

Many companies are providing offers and discounts on various online transactions.

Even NRB increased the online transaction limit to support the digitalization and for increasing the cashless transactions.

Statistics show that E-wallets and mobile banking users had rapid growth in the past 2 months.

Digital wallets like eSewa, IMEPAY, Khalti were already providing cashback offers for their users since the early days to encourage them more to use the services. But there are many more now.
Here I am listing out the top 5 cashback service in Nepal right now.

#1. eSewa

esewa cashback service in nepal

eSewa is providing cashback offers in different categories.

  • Online Shopping

A to Z online Sewa -10% cashback

Gyapu marketplace- 3% cashback

  • Mobile Topup

Recharge services in NTC, NCELL and SMARTCEll

  • ADSL and Landline bill payment

2% cashback

  • Internet bill payment
  • Antivirus
Cashback service in Nepal
  • Movies
Cashback service in Nepal
  • Food & hospitality
Cashback service in Nepal
  • Scan to Pay
Cashback service in Nepal

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IMEPAY is providing maximum cashback services like:

  • Mobile recharge- 5% cashback
  • Landline – 5% cashback
  • Event & ticketing – 5% cashback
  • Receive remittance money directly on your wallet – up to Rs 50 bonus

#3. Khalti


Khalti is providing cash back services on :

  • Mobile Topup (2-5% cashback)
  • Internet bill payment(1-3% cashback)
  • Antivirus(30% cashback)
  • Ride(5%)
  • Utility payment in Khanepani upto Rs 5 cashback
  • Movies(1% cashback)

#4. PrabhuPay


Prabhupay is providing cashback offers in:

  • Television(upto 3%)
  • Mobile Recharge(upto 2.5 %)
  • Landline bill payment(2.5 %)
  • Internet bill payment(up to 4 %)
  • Electricity(upto NRs 5)
  • Insurance(upto 3 %)
  • Recharge pin(upto 3.5 %)
  • Bus ticketing and bus ticketing(up to 2.5%)
  • Movie(up to Nrs 5)

#5. Fonepay mobile banking


Fonepay mobile banking provides you lots of discounts and Cashback services.It is partnered with lots of restaurants and online ordering system that provides you discounts while using their services.

Know more about the discounts here.

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