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Cost to use the Sarathi ride is “Icchya Anusaar”. Facilitates Services to Medical Emergencies




Sarathi is the online cab service which began its journey in mid-2016. 

During this worldwide COVID-19 outbreak and whole Nepal lockdown state, most of the peoples are facing lots of transportation issues for emergencies.

It’s everyone’s responsibility being a citizen of a country to help each other during difficult times.

So, Sarathi took an initiative to help from their side by providing free ride services to the passengers for medical services.

 Just hear what Sarathi’s co-founder Ravi Singhal had to say :

“We are trying to facilitate Sarathi service for medical emergencies. Our ride will only be for medical services and the cost for the ride is “Icchya Anusaar”. we won’t be asking for a fee and the passenger can decide how much they want to give to these drivers”

Sarathi is seeking help from any corporates or brands for Personal Protective Equipment for their drivers.


You can contact Ravi Singhal if you want to help by providing PPE to the drivers.

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