NRB bank increased transaction limit

Nepal Rastra Bank increased the transaction limit carried out with mobile banking and digital wallets

Nepal rastra bank had increased the transaction limit carried out with mobile banking and digital wallets.Sunday all the associated organizations of digital wallets and mobile bankings proposal made the Nepal rastra bank carry out this decision.

Subhash Chandra Ghimire, Director of the payment Department of Nepal Rastra bank declared the increased transaction limit to 1 lakh per day and 10 lakh per month.

The amount was increased which was 50 thousand per day and 2 lakh per month earlier.

The transaction amount was declared 10 lakh per day and 30 lakh per month for Intenet banking and for the daily bank transfer amount was declared to be 50 thousand per month and 10 thousand per day.

Similarly, Ghimire says, that the transaction limit of the amount has been increased to 25k per day,1 day per month and it’s up to 5 lakh limit from digital wallets with the other banks.

According to him, there was no limit per transaction before, there was only the rule of 25k daily and 50k monthly.

Transfer between the digital wallets has been rated 25k per transaction,1 lakh per day and 5 lakh per month.

Among all these Dr.Gunakar Bhatta has requested to give priority to the digital wallets. This can be the right time to increase the importance of digital wallets.

These days, due to this pandemic spread, Coronavirus everyone is scared nationwide and it’s high time to prioritize safety of all the people.

Dr.Gunatta Bhatta says, on this time transactions of the money with digital wallets can be safe.

Nepal Rastra Bank has initialized this huge step to priority digital wallets and increase their importance. This can be a huge opportunity for them to make people use it and make them habituated of it.

People for their own security and safety, are using the digital wallets for various transactions staying at their own homes.

Even banks had increased the services through mobile banking and wallets, so its high time people need to utilize this as an opportunity and services.

Before this Banijya Bank, Bikash Bank, and other different banks formed a meeting to take off all the extra fees with the payments related to the electricity and official payments, so that people can use the maximum safety staying away to visit the related offices.

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