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Swift code of all Nepali banks in Nepal

Swift code of all Nepali banks in Nepal

Are you looking for the swift code of all Nepali banks? Wondering what it is Swift Code? We have it all covered in this article along with the swift code of all Nepali banks in Nepal.

Swift codes are the standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC). These codes are used to identify a particular bank or branch. The Swift code of banks is very useful for transferring money, especially for international wire transfers. Banks of Nepal also have swift codes. So, we have brought you the list of Swift code of all Nepali banks. The swift code of all Nepali banks is very useful to all people.

Swift Code of all Nepali Banks

IDBankCityBranchSwift Code
1.Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.KathmanduADBLNPKA
2. Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.KathmanduBOKLNPKA
3.Century Commercial Bank Ltd.KathmanduCCBNNPKA
4.Citizens Bank International Ltd.KathmanduCTZNNPKA
5.Civil Bank Ltd.KathmanduCIVLNPKA
6. Everest Bank Ltd.KathmanduEVBLNPKA
7. Global IME Bank Ltd.KathmanduGLBBNPKA
8.Himalayan Bank Ltd.KathmanduHIMANPKA
9.Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.KathmanduJBNLNPKA
10.Kumari Bank Ltd.KathmanduKMBLNPKA
11. Laxmi Bank LimitedKathmanduLXBLNPKA
12.Machhapuchchhre Bank LimitedKathmanduMBLNNPKA
13.Mega Bank Nepal LimitedKathmanduMBNLNPKA
14.Nabil Bank LimitedKathmanduNARBNPKA
15.Nepal Bangladesh Bank LimitedKathmanduNPBBNPKA
16.Nepal Bank LimitedKathmanduNEBLNPKA
17.Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.KathmanduNBOCNPKA
18.Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd.KathmanduNew Road BranchNBOCNPKANRD
19.Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.KathmanduNIBLNPKT
20.Nepal Rastra BankKathmanduNRBLNPKA
21.Nepal Rastra BankKathmanduForeign Exchange DepartmentNRBLNPKAFED
22.Nepal SBI Bank Ltd., KathmanduKathmanduNSBINPKA
23.Nepal SBI Bank Ltd., KathmanduKathmanduBirgunj BranchNSBINPKA001
24.NIC Asia Bank LimitedKathmanduNICENPKA
25.NMB Bank Ltd.KathmanduNMBBNPKA
26.Prabhu Bank Ltd.KathmanduPRVUNPKA
27.Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.KathmanduPCBLNPKA
28.Rastriya Banijya Bank KathmanduRBBANPKA
29.Sanima Bank LimitedKathmanduSNMANPKA
30.Siddhartha Bank LimitedKathmanduSIDDNPKA
31.Standard Chartered Bank Nepal LimitedKathmanduSCBLNPKA
32.Sunrise Bank LimitedKathmanduSRBLNPKA
33.Tourism Development Bank Ltd.KathmanduTDBLNPKA

These are the Swift codes of all Nepali Banks currently. Bank also use these codes to exchange messages between them.


What is a Swift code?

Swift code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC) which is used to identify the bank or its specific branch.

Swift codes are either 8 characters or 11 characters long. Eight character codes or eleven character codes will XXX as the last three characters refer to the head office or the primary branch. Similarly, eleven character codes that do not end with XXX refer to specific branch.

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