SastoDeal used images and contents of What CEO of SastoDeal says?

SastoDeal used images and contents of What CEO of SastoDeal says? Accuses SastoDeal for Intellectual Property Theft!

This was the headline of the article published on ICT FRAME, with reference from, which accused for using its photos.

Bibek Karki, Co-Founder of wrote this on a Facebook Group to Sasto Deal;

Regarding this, CEO of Sasto Deal, Amun Thapa replied in his Facebook post.

The statement is copied from Amun Thapa’s Facebook wall.

Issued in public interest.

We understand the concerns shared by that used some of its images without permission. They had also contacted us regarding this issue about a week back and we were reviewing it. A marketplace like ours has thousands of vendors and a massive catalog. Vendors are given backend panel to upload products and a moderate Quality Check (QC) is done at the company level (mainly on pricing) and on the product and seller’s authenticity before being approved.

When reached out to us last week, we had requested them to provide us with links for the products so we can review and remove it. Had we received such links and possibly supporting evidence, we would have without a doubt removed the content from our site. We were taken aback when this was publicly posted and shared with different media.

We have been in Thulo’s position many times before. We find our photographs, our content and even our advertisements used by many other websites. We share their frustration and concerns. It is also a global issue faced by leading e-commerce companies.

While it is very difficult to block these issues, at Sastodeal we are now taking proactive steps to reduce or eliminate such issues in the near future. We believe it first starts with intent – for all of us in this ecosystem to value each other’s hard work and resolve issues together. Second, we are looking at systems that can filter out such content in the future. And third, we have to educate our vendors.

We apologize for not responding to the concern addressed by Thulo immediately. As you are aware, Sastodeal is supplying daily essentials and relief materials with limited resources. Each day, we are concerned about the safety of our employees, management and delivery heroes (many of whom haven’t been home in the past 2 weeks).

Again, we apologize if any of our vendors may have used someone else’s images. Having worked in this industry for the past 8 years, we have grown together with our vendors, partners, and our customers. We know if someone has made a mistake here, it was unintentional and we will work with them to rectify it.

This was the statement by Sasto Deal.

Moreover, clearly mentioned the images copied by Sastodeal with their watermarks. Not only this they even copied the description for the product.

What are your views regarding this?? Do you think that Sasto deal copied other assests, labours and hardwork??

Mention your thoughts below in the comment section.

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