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Nepali Barnamala Free Digital App For Children



nepali barnamla

Due to this COVID-19 schools are closed and children are unable to study and take their classes in schools. Parents are really worried about their children’s future.

Regarding this Future Education of Science and Technology launched the free digital app called “Nepali Barnamala” in the google play store.
The application is all about Nepali grammar and rules for the children.

Nepali Barnamala

According to Director, Dhirendra Chanda soda, the application also includes about the preventive measures about COVID-19 for children.

Nepali barnamala is specially developed for the Children’s in Nepal. to increase their knowledge and to empower them.

This application is designed in such an attractive way to involve the children’s attention as well as increase their mental strength. It provides entertainment videos in the Nepali language.

The application is now only available in Nepali. Later we are thinking to add Maithili and other languages in the updated version says The CEO and founder of this company.

Download the app here.

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