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Nepal Telecom’s attractive offer on FTTH, 15 Mbps at Rs 857, along with 3,000 minutes of voice



Ntc FTTH offer

Nepal Telecom has provided various offers in NTC FTTH with effect from Thursday. Under this, the company has made Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service more customer-friendly by packing data and combo.

The company offers FTTH data packs of 20 and 50 Mbps for one month, three months, and 12 months at different rates. Under this, 20 Mbps internet will be available for one month at Rs 1,200, three months at Rs 3,600, and one year at Rs 14,400.

NTC FTTH 20 Mbps Data Packs

S.NData packsTimePrice(NRs.)
1.20 Mbps1 monthRs.1200
2.20 Mbps3 monthsRs. 3600
3.20 Mbps1 YearRs.14,400

Similarly, the price of 50 Mbps internet has been fixed at Rs 1,800 for one month, Rs 5,400 for three months, and Rs 21,600 for 12 months.

NTC FTTH 50 Mbps Data Packs

S.NData packsTimePrice(NRs.)
1.50 Mbps1 monthRs.1800
2.50 Mbps3 monthsRs. 5400
3.50 Mbps1 YearRs.21,600

Similarly, Telecom has unveiled another pack called Combo under FTTH. Under this, internet and voice services of 15, 25, and 60 Mbps will be available.

Nepal Telecom has brought together more than 10 attractive offers

A one-month package of 15 Mbps is available at Rs 1,000, a three-month package at Rs 3,000, and a 12-month package at Rs 12,000. Similarly, the internet package with 25 Mbps speed has been fixed at Rs 1,500 for one month, Rs 4,500 for three months, and Rs 18,000 for 12 months.

NTC FTTH 15 Mbps Data Packs

S.NData packsTimePrice(NRs.)
1.15 Mbps1 monthRs.1000
2.15 Mbps3 monthsRs. 3000
3.15 Mbps1 YearRs.12000
4.25 Mbps1 monthRs.1500
5.25 Mbps3 monthsRs.4500
6.25 Mbps1 YearRs.18000

Similarly, a one-month pack of 60 Mbps will be available at Rs 2,000, three-month pack at Rs 6,000, and 12-month pack at Rs 24,000. Each combo pack will have 250 minutes in a month pack, 750 minutes in a three-month pack, and 3,000 minutes in a 12-month pack.

NTC FTTH 60 Mbps Data Packs

S.NData packsTimePrice(NRs.)
1.60 Mbps1 monthRs.2,000
2.60 Mbps3 monthsRs. 6,000
3.60 Mbps1 YearRs.24,000

Similarly, when buying a 12-month pack, it can be used for up to 14 months with an additional two months. In this regard, the cheapest package of the telecom 15 Mbps speed internet for one year will cost only Rs 857 per month.

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