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Nepal Telecom has brought together more than 10 attractive offers



nepal telecom ntc new offer

Nepal Telecom has made public an attractive summer ntc offer with various packages for the convenience of the customers. The company has brought a summer offer by modifying the packages under the spring offer already available.

In the summer offer brought for 90 days from July 1, some of the previous packs have been kept the same while some of the packs have been modified to make them more customer-friendly.

The company has provided 1 GB of data for one day at Rs 25 under the YouTube Streaming Data Pack. Under the social media pack, you can get 200 MB of data for one day at Rs.15. The pack will run Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

NTC Mobile Data Offer

NTC Data offerPrice (NRs)Validity
60MB151 day
250MB251 day
400MB603 days
800MB1007 days
2.5GB28028 days
7GB50028 days
16GB80028 days
30GB160060 days
60 GB3000120 days
400MB121 Night
Unlimited Night201 Night
Unlimited Night907 Nights
Unlimited 1 hour201 Hour
80MB1024 hours
250MB1824 hours
1GB451 day
7GB2507 days
28GB85028 days
200MB151 day
1GB251 day

The voice pack for night time used to be available only from 10 pm to 6 am but now it has been extended by one hour and can be used till 7 am.
The 60-minute voice pack available at Rs 10 under the Night-Time Voice Pack has been kept unchanged.

Now you can get 200 minutes for three nights at Rs 15 and 350 minutes for seven nights at Rs 30. These packs can also be used from 10 pm to 7 am.

Similarly, some modifications have been made in the packs available for 3 days, 7days, and 28 days under All Time Data Pack.

Accordingly, 400 MB for 3 days at Rs 60, 800 MB for 7 days at Rs 100, 2.5 GB for 28 days at Rs 280, 7 GB for 28 days at Rs 500 and 16 GB for 28 days at Rs 800 will be available.

Under the Day Data Pack, you can now get 80 MB for Rs 10 and 250 MB for Rs 18. This pack can be used from 6 am to 6 pm and will last for 24 hours.

The package that can be run from 11 pm to 6 am under One Night Unlimited Data will now be available at Rs.20 Under the Day Voice Pack, another package that can make 120 minutes of calls from 5 am to 5 pm will also be available for Rs 12.

NTC voice offer

NTC Voice Pack (Minutes)Price (NRs)Validity
14121 Day
40251 Day
55403 Days
1901007 Days
50025028 Days
120050028 Days
60101 Night
200153 Nights
350307 Nights
Unlimited night121 Night
1201224 hours
Unlimited day1524 hours

The company has stated that the 120 minutes provided in this offer can be used for 24 hours in the same period the next day as it is not used in one day. The company has given continuity to the unlimited call offer which will be applicable from 5 am to 5 pm at Rs 15.

Under the large data pack, you can now get a 30 GB pack for 60 days at Rs 1,600 and a 60 GB pack for 120 days at Rs 3,000. Under the 4G and LTE offer, a total of 100 MB of data will be available for one day at Rs.15

The available 50 MB can be used on all networks and as a bonus, an additional 50 MB of data can be used on the 4G network. Also, other packs already available as a spring offer have been continued.

NTC SMS offerPrice( NRs)Validity
2051 day
70157 days
3006028 days

Telecom users will be able to purchase the new pack by dialing * 1415 #
You can also get information and purchase services from the company’s app ‘Nepal Telecom’.

When using the company’s app for the first time, 100 MB of data will be available for free.
Similarly, detailed information can be obtained from the company’s website.

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