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12 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones to Stay Informed in Nepal

12 Best News Apps for Android Smartphones to Stay Informed in Nepal

With a lot of events happening around us each day, it is hard to keep up with all that news if you do not have a fast and reliable source of information with you. It is always good to get the latest news easily as soon as possible than getting it later or not knowing it at all.

Smartphones have always been with us most of the time and we do use it regularly. So, getting news directly to your smartphone is way better than waiting each day for the morning newspaper or the evening news on TVs.

With that in mind, today we have a list of 12 best news apps for android smartphones so that you can always stay informed in Nepal.

Best News Apps for Smartphones

Online Khabar

This is the application version of one of the leading news portals of Nepal ( The application itself is well managed with an easy-to-use interface and smooth performance in its loading time. The home section of the application has a nicely stacked news list under the different categories such as trending news, business, feature, national news, and many more.

This arrangement of news makes it easy to navigate and easy on the eye of the reader. Its menu also lets readers navigate through different news categories including business, entertainment, sports, national news, international news, trending news, main news, important news, and many more.
With 100,000+ downloads recorded to date; this definitely is one of the best news applications in Nepal.

You can download the app here: Download App


This application is the official news application of the Kantipur Daily newspaper. They previously had another application of the same name. They later developed this application with a new design for better user experience. The newer application logo features a temple with the letter ‘क’ and blue background.

This way you can differentiate between the new application and the old one. The application has a nice user interface and you can notice this as soon as you open the home section. the news posts are arranged nicely with images on top and description on the bottom of each of them. It also has top navigation for home page, oped, trending and videos.

Also, the menu includes a whole lot of different categories of news to choose from. Along with these features, it also includes other categories such as horoscopes, movies, vacancies, tenders, etc. It really includes all the features of a traditional newspaper and provides even more information. This application has already recorded 100,000+ downloads as well.

You can download the app here: Download App

Nagarik News

Nagarik News is an application of the Nepal Republic Media Private Limited. This media house also runs two widely known broadsheet daily newspapers: Nagarik and Republica. This application is also very popular with 100,000+ downloads to date.

This application lets you select the categories of news you are interested in and displays the news according to your preferences. It also has various loyalty and reward features that may draw more readers.

The only downside of this application in comparison to the other applications is that this application requires the reader to create an account and sign in before s/he can browse the news. Other news applications mentioned above lets you browse the news even without signing in.

You can download the app here: Download App


Ujyaalo is an application that brings you the news and articles from Ujyaalo Online ( This application provides you all the services offered by the Ujyaalo brand.

This brand includes the Ujyaalo Radio Network and Ujyaalo online as well. So, you can access other services such as Live Streaming of the Ujyaalo 90 Network and access to radio program downloads.

With this app, you can not only read the latest news, but you can also listen to your favorite radio programs directly from the application. This makes it unique from other news applications with the added feature of live radio and radio program downloads. With such features, its no wonder that it too has 100,000+ downloads on the play store.

You can download the app here: Download App

Hamro Patro

Although Hamro Patro is not primarily a news application, the majority of people were found to be using Hamro Patro for reading news as well. This application displays the news from various news sources like Ujyaalo, Onlinekhabar, Annapurnapost, Ratopati, and many more.

Apart from news, its primary function is the calendar that provides information about important dates and festivals. It also has other features such a live radio, horoscope, forex information, and gold and silver price information. It is a feature-packed application that you can use for a lot of purposes
because of which it is so popular and has 5,000,000+ downloads.

You can download the app here: Download App


Ratopati is an application offered by the Discovery News Network which also operates the ratopati news website. This application also provides news of different categories like National news, political affairs, international news, sports, and many more.

The application is also very smooth and the news load time is very minimal. This attribute of this application enhances the user experience. Even though the application was released recently as compared to other news applications, it has already recorded 10,000+ downloads which prove its popularity.

You can download the app here: Download App

Taja Khabar

Taja Khabar is a news application that brings you news from different reliable news sources at the same place. This application displays you the news from news portals such as Onlinekhabar, Annapurnapost, and other news portals.

It also provides news from the daily newspaper. Calendar and daily horoscopes are also available in this application. You can also read offline news which
is a sensible feature in this app. This application also has 50,000+ downloads recorded to date.

You can download the app here: Download App

Nepali News -Newspapers Nepal (Nepali Samachar)

Nepali Samachar is one of the popular news applications among readers with 500.000+ downloads recorded to date. This app was developed by SoNus and is titled by the name ‘Nepali News –Newspapers Nepal’ in the play store.

This app lets you read news from almost 40 newspapers and news portals which include BBC Nepali, Kathmandu Post, Kantipur, Nagarik,,, and many more. The abundance of options of news sources is what makes it so popular. The only downside to this application is that the last update was almost 3 years ago in October of 2017. So, this application may not get future updates and bug fixes.

You can download the app here: Download App

Nepali Patro

Similar to the Hamro Patro app, this app is also not primarily a news app but a lot of people prefer this type of apps where they can view calendars, news, exchange rates, and horoscopes all at the same place.

It has a pleasing design to the eye of the reader and also feels smooth and fast. It displays news of different categories such as politics, technology, sports, world, etc. from different news portals in its news section. This app is also hugely popular with 5.000,000+ downloads to date.

You can download the app here: Download App

Times of Nepal

Times of Nepal is a news dedicated app developed by the Nepali Patro team. This application lets you select the choices of news sources that the reader wants to read news from and displays the news based on the reader’s preferences.

This app provides a good user experience with a pleasing design and smooth loading of the news articles. This app also has the added feature of dark mode
for making it easier for the eye of the reader in the dark and also for people who prefer dark mode. This app also lets you bookmark news articles so that you can read them later.

You can download the app here: Download App


The Gorkhapatra is the application version of the oldest national daily of Nepal: Gorkhapatra. This app brings you all the news from the which is the news portal for Gorkhapatra. This application also lets you choose the categories of news you want in your feed.
The browsing experience is smooth and the application is clean. This application also has the option of e-paper that gives the option of reading the newspaper of a particular day directly through your smartphone.

You can download the app here: Download App

Nepali E-papers

The Nepali E-papers is an app developed by GeniusApps INC. which provides the collection of many newspapers in a single application in the form of E-papers. There are many people among us who find it more comfortable to read newspapers than online news from news portals.

This application will be very useful for people with those preferences as the reader will be reading the newspaper itself from the smartphone. This application was developed about 6 months ago and it may have just 1000+ downloads, but this app might be popular among people preferring newspapers if it gets enough exposure. Recently, it has also added the option to save the e-papers to read it offline.

You can download the app here: Download App

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