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Top 20 Online News Portal in Nepal



top 20 news portals in nepal

Online news portal in Nepal, it’s number is increasing. These days everything has been digitalized. Traditional newspapers and news have also been transformed into websites now. There are more than 50 plus news media and online portals. All of them provide various categories of news.

Through this internet, everything has become so easy. People prefer to listen to the news on their own mobile phones online. It’s also easy for them to filter out the news according to their interests. The news portals are fast as well as convenient for their readers also.

Here I have listed the top 20 online news portals of Nepal. I have not ranked in any way but all the news sites are randomly listed.

  1. Nagariknews
  2. Online Khabar
  3. Kantipur
  4. Seto Pati
  5. Rato Pati
  6. Gorkhapatra
  7. Annapurna post
  8. News24
  9. Imagekhabar
  12. Sanchar Kendra
  13. Hamra Kura
  14. Sambad Media
  15. Butwal Online
  16. Mero Lagani


nagarik news provides news related to politics, economy, society, sports and much more.

It provides the news in Nepali language.

Online Khabar

online khabar online portal

Online Khabar is one of the top news online news portals in Nepal. It provides news on topics like Interviews, Business, Information Technology, Sports, travel and entertainment in Nepal. It also provides news in the Nepali language.



Kantipur is the online news portal of traditional Kantipur Newspaper. It provides news articles and all the related information from Kantipur newspaper.

Seto Pati

seto pati online news portal

Setopati is another news online portal in Nepal that provides news related to the society, sports, culture, blogs and other information about Nepali brands.

Rato Pati

rato pati onlinee news portal

Ratopati is a Nepali news online portal that provides different kinds of news related with sports, health, education, society and so on.

Gorkhapatra Online

gorkhapatra online

Gorkhapatra Online is the online news portal of the oldest newspaper gorkhapatra. It provides news article in Nepali from all aspects of categories.

Annapurna post

annapurna post

Annapurna post is the Online news portal with all sorts of news. You can explore all kinds of news here with the recent news to trending news.



News 24 is not only an online portal but it does have a live Tv channel. News24 provides all kinds of news like political news, lifestyle, latest fashion, movies, and news trends.


imagekhabar online news portal

Imagekhabar is an online news portal with multiple functionalities. There are 2 Fms connected with it. i.e radio Image FM and Image News FM.This news site provides news related with photography, a blog, experience livetv, society and much more.Now it is providing latest updates about COVID-19.

This is a common platform for all kinds of audience.

my Republica online news portal is an online news portal in Nepal that provide news in the English language. MyRepublica is a popular english magazine and this is the online version from that newspaper.

It provides various category news related with sports,politics,economy and many other new related topics.It also keeps you updated with political and social affairs.

Kathmandu Today

kathmandu today

Kathmandu Today is an online news portal which provide both English and Nepali version news. It provides all the Nepali news but if you want to switch to English language you can switch there.

It provides all kinds of news related with sports, politics, travel and lifestyle, entertainment and many more.

Sanchar Kendra

sanchar kendra

Sanchar Kendra is an online news portal that provides news about business, entertainment, sports, arts and lifestyle. It provides news in English.

Hamra Kura

hamra kura

Hamra Kura is an online news portal site which provides wide varieties of news such as sports, politics, business and economy.

Sambad Media

sambad media

Sambad media is a news portal that provides the news in Nepali about Nepali art, culture, literature and many more.

Butwal Online

butwal online

Butwal online provides news about all the happenings inside the country.We get options like lifestyle, entertainment, technology and science and etc. All the news are categorized in Nepali.

Mero Lagani

mero lagani

MeroLagani is a online news portal that provides knowledge of investments and its marketplace. All the report and articles are found here about the recent stock markets.

If you want to enrich your investment stock knowledge you can follow this online site. It will keep you updated with real states and stocks.

Cybernepal name is now Cybersansar. It is one of the oldest websites of Nepal. This online portal provides all the news and gossips about the entertainment field. You will be updated about programs, seminars and other workshops from this website.

Many of the youths and teenagers are the targeted audience of this website.This site provides news related to celebrities, featuring articles and pictures of Nepalese celebrities.

bigul news

Bigulnews is an online portal which has become one of the popular site now.The website is clean and managed with no popup ads and very categorized.

It provides national and international news in Nepali language.Similarly it also provide sports, economy and all other recent news.

OSNepal is also an online portal like others that provides news related to politics, sports, lifestyle and many others. The website is full of pop-up ads and no search bar. Besides there a drawer section on the left that provides necessary categories and also photo and video galleries. is all in one news portal that provides various categories of news. It is owned by Koshi Media House Pvt Ltd.

You can see in the above image, there are various categories of news like sports, culture, education, politics, economy, audio, video and much more. There is a search bar, it lets you search your interested field of news.

Similarly, there are many more online portals which are keeping us updated with the daily news.

Keep following ICTByte for more updates.

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7 Best Online Sites To Read Books For Free




online sites to read book

Are you a book lover ?? Looking for categories of ebooks for free ?? Confused about online sites to read books ?? You have come to the right place.

Here I have listed out the top 7 best online sites to read books for free of charge.

Generally, many readers prefer print books because they can highlight the papers, feel the paper and fold the papers as they wish. It’s also easier and more focusing on your eyes.

But rather than printed books, Ebooks are very easy to find, ready to read , after you download. Ebooks are cheaper and even free than print books.

Moreover, you can easily share it with others and no need to carry the books, you can read anywhere anytime. For flexibility of eyes, you can also change the font sizes.

If you really are a book lover, both can be suitable for you, depends on your mood. Lets see top sites to download e-books:

7 Best Online Sites To Read Books

  1. BookBub
  2. Project Gutenberg
  3. Open Library
  4. ManyBooks
  5. Bookboon
  6. Feedbooks
  7. Free-eBooks


Bookbub is a free online site that helps you to find ebooks in free as well as in discounted prices from top authors and publications.


You can register to the site using email and start choosing your books. Based on your preferences and choices this site will filter available contents. It will recommend the books in your emails.

Features of  BookBub

  • Books available on multiple platforms like Android, kindle and iPad devices
  • Variety of categories
  • Send you emails of your choice
  • Direct links to the download pages

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the largest and oldest ebook on the web. There are more than 60,000 downloadable books available on the site.

It includes History books, Picture Books, Literature and Book series. Most of them are English language but you can get a title in other languages too.

You can download free books to your PC, Tablets and any, or you can choose to read online.

Why choose Project Gutenberg?

  • Multiple choices
  • Download books for free in PC
  • Free audiobooks available
  • Ordered lists of books

Open Library

Open Library is a book lending site that is easy to navigate and download ebooks. It offers you more than a million of books.

open library

You can search the books online from a variety of keywords, times, authors, places, a genre in the search bar.

It offers you categories like classic literature, biographies, fantasies, and recipe books in multiple formats.

You need to sign up before getting the books.

Open Library Provides :

  • Categories and variety of genres
  • Multiple search functions
  • Multiple ebook formats
  • Huge collection of books


Manybooks is a website which offers ou more than 50,000 downloadable ebooks, some for free and some for a discounted price.


You can categories like cooking, art, business, drama, war, health, music, pyschology and other classics books.

You can search the books by title, language, and authors.You can download the books in multiple formats.

Manybooks Features

  • A large collection of books
  • A large collection of genres
  • Advanced search available
  • Users ratings and reviews


This website is a collection of free books to read online in every category. It’s mainly for an educational textbook and business book.


There’s a free section to download the books. The website is very easy to navigate and well categorized to download the books.

Books are available in multiple languages and in pdf formats only.


Feedbooks is an immense collection of public domain books. The website has a very managed interface and a well-categorized section of books.


It offers categories like Short Stories, Mystery Novels, Action, Fantasy, History and so on.

There’s a different section like bestsellers, new releases, and editorial reviews.

Feedbooks Pros

  • Better User Experience
  • No registration required
  • Bestseller and New release sections

Free- e-books

Free-e-books, title itself says ebooks anytime anywhere. It offers you a good collection of books of fiction, nonfiction, and academic books.

free e-books

You can choose categories of books at a particular time that too in pdf formats.

There is a limitation of the book downloads, you can only download 5 ebooks per month.

Why choose Free e-books?

  • Offers audiobooks as well as ebooks pdfs
  • Great UI
  • Shows list of genre-books and best book of the month.
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