November 29, 2022

So sad. Sad in the sense that you recently lost your phone. You lost your phone and you are here. Right?

If you lost your mobile phone, it can be tracked. Also, the phone can be blocked.

How to track / block lost phone in Nepal?

To track or block your lost phone in Nepal, its simple. You just need to submit a report form at Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s website for this.

Required Information and Documents while requesting to track/block your lost phone in Nepal

  • Lost Date
  • Lost Location
  • IMEI/ESN/MEID  number of your lost phone.
  • Your Mobile Number (Can be track if you don’t have SIM card in that phone as well)
  • Your (Applicant) Name), address and contact number.
  • Attachment of ID Card (citizenship, passport or other documents)

If you are ready with the above-mentioned documents and information, fill up this form to track / block your lost mobile phone in Nepal.

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