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You can Now Load Fund or Make Transactions via eSewa by Linking Your Bank Account

eSewa has been adding many new features and services to its system to provide a convenient and secure experience of digital payments to its customers. And again there’s a new update.

Yes, there’s a new update by eSewa where the users can link bank account in eSewa just once to load the amount in this wallet or make payments. The hassle of logging in to the bank account every time one has to load money in eSewa is not required from now on.

There are 8 Banks and Financial Institutions and 5 commercial banks, 2 development banks, and 1 finance company providing this service via eSewa.

Lists of Banks and Finance that can be linked in eSewa

  1. Everest Bank Ltd(EBL)
  2. Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd(MBBL)
  3. Prabhu Bank Ltd
  4. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd(NCC)
  5. Saptakoshi Development Bank Ltd
  6. Srijana Finance Ltd
  7. Nepal Bank Ltd(NBL)
  8. Mega Bank Ltd(MBL)

Customers holding their account in these BFIs can enjoy this new service of eSewa.

Till date, every time one loads money in eSewa, one has to login to the bank’s mobile banking system or internet banking to complete this task. 

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What are the benefits of Linking Your Bank Account?

  • Convenient for loading amount in eSewa
  • Save your time and effort in loading money
  • Payment of utilities or mobile top-up and recharge would be directly from your bank account
  • No need to enter your mobile banking login requirements every time

How to Link Bank account in eSewa?

  1. Login to eSewa and go to “Load Money” option 
  2. Click on “Link Bank Account”
  3. Select your bank that you want to link among the lists of banks
  4. Login to your mobile banking using Username and Password
  5. You will get an OTP on your mobile number. Enter that OTP and tap on “Pay” 
  6. Your bank account is linked now.

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How to load money from your linked bank account?

  1. Login to eSewa and go to the “Load Money” option
  2. Click on your linked bank account and tap “Load”
  3. Fill up the amount to load and purpose and Click on “Proceed” 
  4. Check for your details and then click on “Load Fund”
  5. Insert your eSewa MPIN or use a Fingerprint to proceed. 
  6. Then your money would be loaded into your eSewa account.

Some Frequently Asked Queries from Users

Are there any transaction limitations in esewa in loading money from your linked bank account?

Per Transaction : Rs 25,000

Per Day Transaction : Rs 100,000 or up to 10 times

Per Month Transaction : Rs 500,000 or up to 100 times

Can we load money in eSewa from all the listed linked banks of Nepal?

There are 8 Banks and Financial Institutions and 5 commercial banks, 2 development banks, and 1 finance company providing this service via eSewa.

Can we simply open the eSewa wallet and link account?

No you cant. You have to fill up the KYC form and get your account verified. Then link your bank account details.
Then you can directly used this service.

What is my eSewa ID?

Your registered mobile number is your eSewa ID.

Is my mobile banking number and eSewa ID the same?

No it can be different. But the mobile number registered in eSewa and your mobile banking system must be the same if you want to link that id with your bank account. Otherwise, you can use the other number as “Secondary ID in eSewa

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