Hult Prize at IoE, Pulchowk Campus in collaboration with Bajra Technologies, ImpactHub Kathmandu, Team Vertex Nepal, Daraz and Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security held a workshop on Design Thinking.

With Mr. Samaya Khadka as the facilitator of the workshop, the session started with an overwhelming 100+ number of students.

Design Thinking is all about interaction and finding solutions together. Whether it was by rolling dices to ask some questions to the attendees, or asking them to design envelopes, Samaya made everyone hooked to their screens. The active participation from all the attendees ensured the production of a good prototype. Samaya would relate every mini game he would make participants play with actual business problems, target audience and presentations. Attendees also learned that they all can find different values from a single product. Through this Samaya implied that the participants have to broaden their perspective, and look at a product from every view possible. These were some great observations that attendees learned by participating themselves. Anything experienced is not so easily forgotten.

The design thinking workshop gets them started in making the best prototypes. With a huge engagement, the session was successfully conducted. Most of the attendees were with them till the end. And Hult Prize at IoE will definitely keep these insightful workshops coming!

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