8 Types of Keyword to Optimize the Content

8 Types of Keyword to Optimize the Content

The first step to a good SEO campaign is to identify keywords. If there are no relevant keywords in the content, Google may not be able to rank the article. So, Targeting the correct sorts of Keywords is the foundation of a successful search strategy. When the best keyword is found, the majority of your organic views, potential consumers, profit, and brand conversions will flow into your site.

At different phases of the funnel, different keywords are used to target distinct audiences. It aids in reaching a larger audience and obtaining a client or clients. The keyword helps in identifying the kind of audience since different types of keyword target different communities. It is also easy to discover which sort of audience is more interested in our business.

Let’s dive into the different types of SEO and how to use them to optimize the content.

What is Keyword?

Keywords are ideas or subjects that define the topic of your article. Keywords, often known as “search queries,” are words and phrases entered into search engines. A keyword might be a phrase or a single word. They tell search engines what a page on your website is about. There are many different types of keywords. So, let’s learn about different types of keyword.

Different types of Keywords

Short-Tail keyword

Shor-tail Keyword are broad phrases which consist of one or two words. They are less specific and have a broader reach. Short-tail Keyword have large search volume and are also highly competitive. So, these keywords are difficult to rank. Short-Tail Keyword are also known as generic or head Keywords.

Example: “Bike”

Long-Tail Keyword

Long -Tail keyword is the specific keyword which consist of 3-4 words. They are more specific than short tail keyword. Long-Tail Keyword have less search volume and less competitive. So, these keywords are easy to rank. The long tail keyword easily pinpoints the search intent. The conversion rate of long tail keyword is very high.

Example: “Bajaj Bike Price in Nepal”

Short Term Fresh Keyword

Short term fresh keyword is those that is recently in hype or in news. These keywords are used to gather the explosive amount of search conversion within the short time. They will fall rapidly once the hype dies sown.

Example: SEE result 2078

Long term Evergreen Keyword

Keywords that are evergreen are ones that are relevant at all times. Evergreen content is content that does not become obsolete over time. The point is that you can be confident that readers will continue to search for and want to read about the evergreen keyword from the time you post it until, say, two years later.

When it comes to content marketing, evergreen content is a fantastic technique. Your website will remain relevant for a long time if the content is based on evergreen keywords that rank well.

Example: Tips to hire the IT support Company

Primary Keyword

The primary keyword is the main phrase that you want to rank in your website. The primary keyword must be used throughout the text to ensure that search engines and audiences understand that the page is about the specific product or service. These keywords are used to narrow down the search results. These keywords have a high search volume and can drive a lot of visitors to your website. It helps to improve the ranking of the content and keywords.Example: “Women’s party shoes.”

LSI Keyword

LSI keywords (latent semantic keywords) are terms or phrases that are semantically linked to, or variants of, a primary keyword. They are utilized in a piece of content to support a primary keyword. Each web page should have one major keyword and three to four associated keywords to improve search engine rankings.

Example: Best women’s party shoes

Informational keyword

Informational keywords are used by those who want to locate a specific answer to a question or general information. They identify that they have a need or an issue, that they want to solve it, and that they are seeking for ways to do so. They can help build brand awareness by educating and targeting the audience with informative material.

Example: What is the price of the Bajaj bikes?

Navigational Keyword

Navigational Keywords are used by customers to locate a particular brands, website or locations. These keywords are also called go keywords. When people are in the consideration stage of the buying process, they frequently use navigational keywords. They’re looking at various manufacturers to determine which one provides the best solution to their problem.

Example: Goldstar Hiking Shoes

Transactional Keyword

Transactional Keyword are the word that potential buyers search for when looking for products or services to  buy. These keywords are also called action or do keywords. Customers uses this keyword when they know exactly what they want to buy and use specific keywords to identify the best spot to acquire it

Example: Best deal on Goldstar Hiking shoes

So there you have it: the 8 different types of keywords you should be aware of in order to construct a better informed and effective marketing strategy. They can appear intimidating at first, particularly if you’re new to SEO. However, these keywords have the potential to transform your marketing approach!

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