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eKarmaKanda: Now perform Shraddha online

eKarmaKanda: Now perform Shraddha online

eKarmaKanda is a new application or service that allows you to perform religious rites like the Shraddha online in this current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently, due to the lockdown and restrictions, as well as health concerns, you have to maintain social distancing and avoid contact with other people. However, there are various religious rites that you need to perform. The SohraShraddha that recently started is also hugely affected by this situation.

Therefore, to address this issue, Tenhalf Private Limited has started the eKarmaKanda service in Nepal. Using this service, the app will find pandits that will perform the rites for you via the online medium. This will effectively address the issue of social distancing, while also performing your religious rites.

eKarmaKanda android app

This is a great example of a technology meeting tradition. The eKarmaKanda service is available on the mobile app and Facebook. They will also be providing this service worldwide from

“If you want to perform Sohra Shraddha at home without taking any risk, you can do this through a video call. For that, we will make our pundits available online”

-Statement released by the company

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To book this service, you can either use their Android app or go to the website. The booking can also be made by contacting the company through a phone call. To contact the company through a phone call, give a call to +977- 9843457768.

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