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Top 10 Must-Have Nepali Apps



nepali apps in your phone

The reality of the modern world is that we spend most of our time on our smartphones than on anything else. One main role it has played is it has made life of the people convenient and easier. It really has made life easier and help save time as well.

One main reason for this are the application services available on the smartphone. With so many applications with so many features, you can always get the application you like. But, it might also be overwhelming for people to see so many applications and not knowing what to use. So, to make it easier for them, we have come up with a list of Top 10 Nepali apps that you must have here in Nepal.

1. Hamro Patro

hamro patro popular nepali apps

Hamro Patro is one of the most popular Nepali applications currently. It is primarily an application with the Nepali calendar on it as the name suggests. But, it also has many other features such as news, horoscope, foreign exchange rate, gold and silver prices, nepali FM radio, hamro audio, blog literature, and app widgets. As a result, it’s popularity is directly seen in the downloads with 5,000,000+ downloads till date.

Moreover, it has helped Nepali people keep track of the Nepali dates and festivals. And, it also provides information about current tithis, Nepal Sambat, Newa calendar, and upcoming festivals. It also has the feature to convert date from BC to AD and vice versa. Additionally, people also use this application for reading the latest national and international news.

Download Hamro Patro for Android | Download Hamro Patro for ios

2. eSewa

esewa logo

eSewa is the most popular digital wallet of Nepal and is developed by f1soft. It is in service in Nepal since 2009. eSewa is present in most of the businesses as a payment option at present. Many sectors use eSewa such as online businesses, government office utility payments, hotels, movies, airlines, banks, etc.

You need to register your mobile number as your eSewa ID. After registration, you can load balance to the wallet and use it for payments. You can load your eSewa wallet by four methods: mobile banking or internet banking, eSewa cash points, counter deposits, and by receiving funds from other eSewa users.

It has over 1,000,000+ downloads in Play store. Also, its network includes 40,000+ agents, 47 banks, and over 1500 merchants.

Download eSewa for android | Download eSewa for ios

3. Daraz

daraz nepali apps logo

Daraz online shopping is one of the largest online shopping platform in Nepal. It acts as a virtual shopping mall and you can shop items from your home itself. Daraz has over thousands of sellers and varieties of categories of items. It has all sorts of items ranging from toys, beauty items, clothes, foods, to electronics, bikes, accessories, and many more. Once you log in to daraz, you will be surprised by the items that you can get there. You could find almost anything that you would want to buy.

It also brings regular offers and promotions and you could get some very good deals. Delivery also takes at most 2-3 working days. So, without having to visit every physical store, you could get everything you wanted at your own home. This is why it is one of the top Nepali Apps.

Download Daraz for android | Download Daraz for ios

4. Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali leyboard logo

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is another popular Nepali app by the Hamro Patro team. This application provides a Nepali keyboard so that you can type in Nepali. You do not need to use any translation apps and just use the keyboard. It also has numeric keyboard, themes, as well as supports Emoji.

This app is very useful for people who find it easier to read and communicate in Nepali. Also, this app helps promote the Nepali language and Nepali typing to the Nepali people. And, its popularity really reflects with over 5,000,000 downloads till date.

Download Hamro Nepali keyboard for android | Download Hamro Nepali keyboard for ios

5. Khalti

Khalti logo

Khalti is also a digital wallet just like eSewa. It is also a popular digital payement solution in Nepal along with eSewa. This wallet is also used in various sectors in Nepal such as airlines, hotels, online businesses, physical stores, internet payments, education and utility payments, and many more. You can load balance to khalti wallet by mobile banking, internet banking, debit/credit card, Khalti pasals, connect IPS, and many more. With over 1,000,000 downloads, Khalti sure is one popular Nepali app.

Download Khalti for android | Download Khalti for ios

6. Tootle

tootle logo

Tootle is a Nepali app for sharing rides. It is mainly based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This app tries to solve the problems that the people face due to congested vehicles, traffic jams, and overpriced taxis. This app calculates the price based on the distance to be travelled and is very cheap compared to taxis. Currently, tootle is only providing bikes and scooter sharing features. This application has provided jobs to many people as riders. In addition, it has made travelling more convenient for the customers as well.

Download Tootle for android | Download Tootle for ios

7. Nepali Dictionary

Nepali dictionary logo

Nepali dictionary is also one of the Nepali apps offered by the Hamro Patro team. This application contains dictionaries based on highly cited books by Choodamani Gautam. This app includes both Nepali – English and English – Nepali dictionaries. Also, this application can run offline so we don’t need to use the internet. This app also has the feature of learning pronouncion, has image illustrations as well as word games to improve knowledge. This app too has 1,000,000+ downloads. Sadly, this application is only available in android and not in ios.

Download Nepali Dictionary for android

8. Ludo Neo-classic

Ludo Neo-classic logo

Ludo game has rapidly gained popularity in the recent times. Bringing our memories of playing Ludo in card boards, this game has become popular among people of all age groups. Ludo MNeo-classic is one of the top Nepali apps that has 10,000,000+ downloads till date. This game is offered by Neoclassic Tech Pvt. Ltd. This game also allows customization to the rules so that people can use the rule that are actually followed in that area.

Download Ludo for android | Download Ludo for ios

9. NetTV

NetTV logo

NetTV is the first IPTV platform to operate IPTV in Nepal. This application is offered by NITV Streamz Pvt. Ltd. This application lets you watch the TV channels from the phone itself through the app. It offers HD channels along with Nepali channels and news channels. This is one of the useful Nepali apps because you can watch the TV from anywhere as long as you have internet and your phone. In addition, it also provides video on demand feature.

Download NetTV for android | Download NetTV for ios

10. BHOJ

BHOJ logo

BHOJ (previously Bhoj deals) is one of the top Nepali apps for food deliveries. This application lets you order foods from the restaurants listed on the app and gets it delivered to your home. Also, it provides free deliveries for order above Rs. 1000. This application also has the feature to leave reviews so that people can see it before ordering food from any restaurants. With such features and convenience, BHOJ is definitely a popular app among foodies and other general people as well.

Download BHOJ for android | Download BHOJ for ios

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